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Listen: "Last night the Spurs ran away from the Clippers for a one oh eight, eighty-seven win"

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Maddie Meyer
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Coming up next for right now got the update voters he's on it which player they were sixty-six barely Dickinson and Van Derbilt the first teams out of the NC Double a torn are not able to get out of date in last night of the year run over by Florida Gulf Coast ninety-six sixty-five then the common was when from tied at thirty of a have to a seventy fifty lost to Wichita State Vandy head coach Kevin Stallings but we're not going to win many games when win we don't get a little more production from from guys that we depend on an of carry this all season-long now one starter reached double figures in Vandy shot just thirty percent from the floor Wichita State now faces Arizona tomorrow in Providence while FG see you get UNC in Raleigh tonight and date Italy cross Southern Michigan Tulsa on true TV NBA last night the Spurs ran away from the Clippers fray one away eighty-seven win it their forty second in a row at home with the Pacers dot the Celtics one of three ninety-eight and Toronto won in Milwaukee One oh seven eighty knotted the Patriots M pass Rusher Chandler Jones to Arizona yesteryear for a second round pick this spring it and guard Jonathan Cooper and thirty-six year old first baseman Adam LaRoche retiring with one year left on his deal with the lights socks from the Grapefruit League to the Cactus League we've got Spring Training coverage on CBS Sports Radio.