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Listen: "A pair of teams from the ACC, out of the six that made it to the Sweet Sixteen"

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Tom Pennington
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News throughout we've after a serious two week marksmen at him we've had been unbelievable game I'm a thing result from pain tactic but this is that we will not forget here we are heading for Houston final four in front of us I'm not going out caer bracket looks because well frankly I don't care but also I know how you're bracket leg an unexpected results first to ten feet ever to make it into the final four appeared to thief taking out one feeds on Saturday night knows of course including the overall number one eighty North Carolina being the only number one feed it still standing appeared teams from the eight TV out of the sixth that made it to the three picks team they will play each other we had some veteran teams with found alignment veteran Muth in the very late stages of games when the finish of themselves it's not just a Northern Iowa that completely off its composure at the end of a game against Texas they now men and saw the Aggies rally from twelve down forty-four seconds which of course was the first in college basketball history we that veteran teams like with content you know that with confidence sec over the way it game with Notre Dame and bid we've been pretty much everything and on Sunday we saw more of it from grade history we're starting off our work week after hours with a new Lauren Phoebe of sports radio CBS Sports Radio.