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Listen: "The rule that you can't coach the All-Stars two years in a row"

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Jed Jacobsohn
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News involving me NBA all-star game so you can coach and NBA All Star Game two years in a row they made this rule because Pat Reilly was essentially coaching me NBA All Star Game year after year after year is tenured like a Supreme Court Justice western conference and made the rule that you can't coach at two years in a row but it's your team somehow is first in the conference two years in a row in the coaches have switched the coach is compelled to go Luke Walton was the coach for Golden State up until last week He was slated to coach they all-star game in Toronto because the rule is the same coach can go and Steve Kerr did it last year so when Kerr came back even jokes the reason why he came back at this point in time before the All Star Game Popovich Jimmy NBA all-star game as the coach in the Western Conference knowing that you know would probably like to do something else with the spare time wealthy NBA announced just today this is a coach in the NBA Western Conference Gregg Popovich you think that's gone over Senate Tony now and then you know that that three four days at you thought you would you would get off level Paire Gregg Popovich is gonna be any NBA All Star coach in the Western Conference so he'll be gone a Toronto gets passport ready The whole business San Antonio tonight Houston on ESPN Dallas in Golden State on ESPN ESPN to is the home of they Pro Bowl selection show and we heard Eric Davis said he's up there with with Jerry Rice the role of eight four four two.