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Listen: "The Pistons, meanwhile, they played really well the first half against San Antonio"

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Ezra Shaw
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He's he's fading is like a three or four most teams we just got that good and you know for so that's who set a burger on down the only you-know-what soon but the probably keep their streak alive in pain and get him the Pistons meanwhile they played really well the first half against San Antonio the San Antonio's undefeated at home pitcher stint because Golden State's undefeated at home I may play I believe twice in Golden State the Spurs in the Warriors I believe it is wastes in Santa Tony once more in goal OK so well yes so the either team they are going to be streak possibly when they play so that's going to be some if there is must watch regular season and be a Pistons lose after great first half like I said ninety seven eighty one hear Stan Van Gundy on FoxSports Detroit are ready to play to start in the third quarter was just like again in the Detroit we were ready they came out with a lot more energy we were ready they scored on their first four possessions we were walking around and out and then we just quit playing together.