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Listen: Brown finally figured you know these really say six or they have an idea

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Brown finally figured you know these really say six or they have an idea that that if you keep the same people in place that you might have some success course you need to take that next step stand in an answer but the Steelers made the playoffs so-so Tomlin gets a pass from other two with three years and I don't think I I I don't think the natives but you know business when you play this way business today would have been greatest had somehow the Steelers not managed to win that game yesterday and we went and was Ashley and doubts about three quarters be hold Cleveland Browns messed there probably takes something from be Rudy playbook and maybe change things a little bit there before I let you go the What do you remember from me two games against the Bengals this year which the Steelers split but as you mentioned one in Cincinnati well the Steelers tape on says perfect and he's out there the thing is he is he is really really good His eight years and excellent player but he had that celebration with the with the lady of Bell injury now it was not a dirty play that injured way beyond bell but was up and eight yard gained on first down and he gets up and celebrates an well there's only one reason to get up and celebrating the this season they any ice in the steal of players who by the way they they didn't like Burke six going into that game before the celebration after the bell injury and there was a lot it should be stuff that happened the last game in Cincinnati where were affected again in the middle of the you know came walking you know you don't violate be other teams warm up well he did an an and then a bunch of stuff happened with Antonio Brown Andrei Kirkpatrick were quite honestly both should've been kicked out of the game for the way they reacted and on the first series end but they warrants analysts It was sore like Odell Beckham end Josh Norman junior i think I was a week before we could to before those guys but the Steelers have they they they have to stay away from that kind of star I mean you want trait Trey Kirkpatrick for Antonio Brown the five the Bengals I do that in a second But the Steelers they've they've got motivation I think they've got confidence because they win in Cincinnati and so I I think they're they're mentally Elise They're in good shape A lot of it hinges on national Williams you've been follow me on Twitter at Shea colony which is where I got the Jays are about that Jim Jay carnie thirteen part NBA morning show for ninety three seven the fan so getting ready to launch into that so we appreciate a couple minutes I know it's been a busy twenty-four hours free AM It has Thank you Amy will say it thank you of the Pittsburgh Steelers are ended the playoffs after the Jets leave the door wide open will they have de Angelo ands cannot secondary hold up to the Bengals go deep in the wild card add radio is where you can buy me on Twitter don't forget about her Monday MVP on her Facebook page one outing on this Monday morning.