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College Basketball

Listen: "What is that way, to beat Georgia Tech?"

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Cooper Neill
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You don't wanna get too far ahead of yourself but very few our kids of everyman to New York City only to have ever been to Madison Square Garden and they know the history they know that the the value of being a one of eight teams that would still be playing effective at the end of this weekend what we would have to New York Clark to see semi final game and we all want we all want to have to make that happen not so Winston made a good point early on he said you know it before the season that we talk about our goal was to play in the United no four in the end I tea and now this is our tournaments in our goal is to win EN IP so we've until we won their went there before with the group that we had Kyle Spain and Lorenzo way DJ Gay was on that team I think Richie Williams to issue way of yeah absolutely at had a great experience Baylor beat us in the semi finals we want to go back but we want to go back and be playing in winning that championship game so Georgia Tech is the opponent tonight in our goal is to find a way find a way to the prevailing be the better team to be the team moving on what is that way for Puerto to beat Georgia Tech well are Bola points be are the number one will will continue to be take care of the ball yeah kin or fewer turnovers would have to be key number two rebounds of all we have a goal to rebound half of our misses George in check is the leading off and sieve rebounder statistically and in the him not only the ACC but maybe the top five in the Kutcher percentage of messes that they get back they held a really good South Carolina team South Carolina to be their tough and they had a history of rebounding the ball well off sense of The on the office of him going up four against them so we need to rebound the ball and now that if yeah the butter third what it would be what we do better than anybody guard five or fewer three under thirty percent from three an under forty percent overall coach you played on Monday he had the day off yesterday and here we are on Wednesday what what happened yesterday with this team and even today so in between the late game Monday.