Listen: "Peyton Manning will formally announce his retirement today"

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Harry How
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This is John feinstein with the CBS sports minute peyton Manning will formally announced his retirement today there's no surprise in this even though the NFL's non-stop rumor mill had Manning playing about half the league cities next year and just the other day someone claim the Broncos were prepared to give him a three year contract Manning knew he was done the minute the Super Bowl and if not for for sure he loves football is the rumor markers mention while claiming he might return but he's also smart enough to know he's squeeze every last announced that it is almost forty year old body and the time is calm Manning is one of the rare athletes going out on top Jim Brown did it in so to John Elway Manning's general manager in Denver Michael Jordan did runs put couldn't resist the temptation to return the only question now is what's next for Manning clearly he can do just about anything is hard desires I'm John fine.