Scott Brown Admits What He Really Thinks Of Ted Cruz

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I've met a many times actually or when I was down there after the serving in the let's not Hammon and should only had them at art noche aspect, with fusion, their next on Thursday, the nominated, all worked for them and should for him and try to get him into the White House, but, here but then you remember back but she's, go history Russian here initially even with although it, he was start was then, and if he would Jeb Bush and they were going to be at Marco Rubio no Jets the last Grandstanding throughout the plaguing the knowledge likes Oakland, the us Senate people, you know that's a badge of honor well, and he not really, eight, and then actually get stuff done in Houston, I look at it actual Rockford, of accomplishments, I don't believe the Cubs to fill, with one for thank you know he's going on there, filibuster and they can get and then you know you know a staple in on third down you to thin then there that sets, so yeah there's not a whole lot a lot there and they're unlikely, said of thought, notes, Martin in center or known coming up following that yet, now that, now there, season Al engaged in four games, so all about those