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Former US Under Secretary Of Defense: What Our Navy Badly Needs For Air Superiority

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what they need badly, our a lot more F.A. teams, like Fighters, and right now they can expect to get much of anything, at this moment I'm reading from maybe data that was provided made by source, the data that they have right now the Jets may look tells me quite right out that right now this year and next year out of the thirty seven fighters quadrant in the Navy, picks are on ready for combat, that's roughly one six that's roughly sixteen percent and that basically means that why we've got ten carriers soon to have eleven we only have not aircraft and man and material, to sit out six at one time this issue is going critical John and it's not getting better because the F. thirty-five, that well match that we've talked about other times, is strangling the budget of both the Air Force and the Navy to the extent that they just don't have an option, on buying new aircraft to make up the shortfall,