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Listen: "Did Peyton Manning ever sleep?"

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Ezra Shaw
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<silence> <silence> seven forty away at the sport's ALEX is a big part in Denver today tickets a parade begins at a high within the Mile High but before they did Peyton Manning ever sleep sleep depriving Manning still not breaking the gold silence about the or word retirement will he won't he most of his teammates believed he should in will call it a career Manning admitted to only having forty five minutes of shud I since the Broncos beat the Panthers in Super Bowl fifty he was at the happiest place on earth with Mickey in many in the rest of the clubhouse yesterday as they rolled out the red carpet he admitted him in a ride the Tower of terror and space now meanwhile Cam Newton continued to receive the Heat from the credit for being a sore loser Manning went to Newton's defense was said saying Newton was gracious an extremely humble after the game Manning said he also received text messages from many of the Panthers players can graduating him after the third largest audience in Super Bowl history television wise watched the big one well the una Phil now celebrating.