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Listen: "Four percent growth and that's why we have the down jones industrial average" DOW THOUSAND

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Hannelore Foerster
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A down you're very personal more like a couple of and and i'm very christmas to want a little so i listen the clawing at the trump rally the dow is incredible s and p five hundred as a across the board is this stuart really now is this really just because trump got elected is it because there's no uncertainty in at least wall street now knows who the president is no matter who with that person is going to be is it policy base what's going on stuart it's because trump but elected on the all says which he will put in place to me like the accommodate the probably four percent growth and that's why we have the down jones industrial average when less than four hundred points away from twenty thousand unbelievable i mean it will be a don't believe the ball you've seen all stacked is just about every step through the market go straight up didn't election day the dow alone is up over thirteen aren't good points since november the eighth but butler you've got or number that this is because we are going to get him in these great american united states we're going to get said of them give us we're going to get got to individuals the cubs for cooperation that pumped mostly into the economy we're going to get big spending all infrastructure we're going to get big spending on the military on monday into the economy yeah back is giants stimulus they'll make sense here's the thing that i don't get the stewart is a quick follow up before the election all the wall street now what was that was going to hillary so it was three so happy that trump was elected why weren't the funding his campaign the way they were funding the clinton corporation just about everybody's said the market will tank if donald trump is good luck could because he is the big so the i'm starting take we don't know what he's going to do we don't know what is going to say four now on the on certain take that lasted for about five minutes on november the eighth tonight they're all the one stage the dow industrial average the future is just recall i'm with down eight hundred point i know look like it i was going to win.