Now You See Me: The Rarest Bird In The World

Vernon R.L. Head (Chairman of BirdLife South Africa), tells the story of the Cambridge expedition how discovered the Nechisar Nightjar, the rarest bird in the world.

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Photo Credits : (GettyImages)
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how The that Bird had died, and why did they just take the wing well what happened was its was it was late twenty night there were out on the playing off niche assault and if you can imagine the sprain is probably one of the most for moat pens in the world it's up in the risk fairly in Southern heathy appear between these volcanic mountains, it's just watch Cross and niche aside is on par to quit full watch Grosse so this is white silky gloss Grosse and didn't littered with volcanic pit bulls, and you in the middle of nowhere appears heartbeat of the researched so they will wondering around dependent not be looking for not creatures as was as was No one doesn't on an expeditious isn't that way of some fossils have been well all kinds of interest I think I found a few new damsel flies to science and some butterflies, and so me there fossils in Southern if you have P.F. but when their found a swing into squashed into the marred on a smugglers track I mean Hollywood doesn't right stories like this and that pulled up the wing and they were futuro fit as it was road killed eighty-five sniper, and to the fit is of the tail blew away and it was just this one wing left and what was so exciting about this discovery it was the first time ever, to science, there's a bit, it had been described just by Wein so known it ever seen it and it did they suspect when they sought that in belong to some unknown species Well then you would to some not jaw, which of bits of tonight and they each not just species the wing is like a finger print, the markings on the wing a unique for each species particularly with days Watch Will cream, and the spirit had this mess of walk patch on the wing with shotted something new and they Nestor in the ground so that makes them susceptible to being road kill obscure Q.B.'s the spirits next on the ground and they are in Houston he am, a cryptic in nature consigue in June today,