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Can the Celtics Beat the Hawks Without Avery Bradley?

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Kevin C. Cox
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Coming up after an passes of the Ahl taught NBA Playoffs with maintained in from CBS Sports not comp he covers the NBA so we'll look at each and every matchup of the eight matchups before that we have on Saturday obviously Golden State taking on too soon well about what I think is going to be for an out for the Houston Rockets I think Oklahoma City so what they did to dousing Jim One they will beat him that bad every game but I think back to sweep Indiana Toronto I think that when your six but until jumping Indiana in that one and the fourth series that we saw on Saturday at Wednesday in Boston for the coin seriously for the coin and to their loss Avery Bradley now it's the Hawks serious if he does not come back in this series lose nowhere the Boston Celtics when this series I photos of points would before I told you I was going to hold the Hawks simply because of Game seven being in Atlanta now on long or dogs because they the home team and be a rally maybe long I got a imagine he is just looking added when they haven't said he things got an MRI later today but non contact told Brad Stevens your to pop that's not tried limping off and Cole was basically collapsed had to be almost carried in coming back in this serious i kind imagine a QB back if they wanna magical run I can imagine me backing head into months let alone and the next well to first round series it could go before we right right to how they do in the NBA hornets dropped when Steph Curry walked off the court and went to the trainer's room after tweaking his ankle into some sometimes out pretty much all of them in Northern California noted that all leagues acts of the networks that are burying said finals while he didn't prove one thing though they don't Seth Curry beat Houston Rockets it helps having a thirty point lead when he goes down that helps was in data but we know you're right into it the Houston Rockets over the go home you saw it in the face it they are ready I mean it's almost like by James title Chauncey half ass cry foul out if we get meeting was gonna their playoff victory I think so badly.