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Listen: But there is one thing that should be pretty easy an that is managing eight clock when you've been in the NFL

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Coming up and then retained the head coach who got them that first a rope that you know it it says hey we have no problem we end up with another first round pick for another first overall pick in twenty seventeen it to two but the wrong that they will it if there's one thing they were good that that includes take it and you do this and Jason does this about taking shots edges what we do we are very good simplify incredibly complex game I would lead raise their hands we make everything seem so easy but there is one thing that should be pretty easy an that is managing eight clock when you've been in the NFL for well over two decades Can you explain Torre Orleans an tell us how we Andy Reid the still clueless Can you explain this second i you know I think it's it's wild and I think he yeah I suspect like his internal click defense resting heart rate twelve I mean and how it how would mean operating offensive slower pace and everyone I get into one up you know be cool be competition this running clock with the Bucks 40 in you're trailing and in a game it either gonna lecture season with owner injured season and you're gonna get the team lead-up impact the rent taking five and their two minute drive is While that I I would I wonder stand y coaches are more proactive about going out and finding guys I mean come for the guys just a runner to think he's gonna be here to really drill down and you know you you dream Get a special ticket like this coaching staff performed guide teamed up in some places where they have a guy who's specifically designated to jump in and start calling plays in this in the to draw when you go there is something the you're not great that I get this admitting that is difficult were would be tough in kind of embarrassing but can't be any more than the embarrassing and taking four minutes to run a two minute drove in its annual yards clock management is very disastrous clock management is good senior entered into unlike any other its deplorable total will Brinson CBS Sports NFL writer break it without thinking 30 CBS sports radio.