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Listen: Alright bogus thank you you know I think hearing that Vikings highlight

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Hannah Foslien
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Shut out all of three nothing alright bogus thank you you know I think hearing that Vikings highlight yeah it's exciting and everything and I think it's a great win for this team but I really do think it means more for the future of the Vikings heading into next year that it does this year his two young quarterbacks not going anywhere and Teddy Bridgewater to win a game like that on the road to win the division title the confidence to show they could win big games like that because they had shown that all year long everytime they ran into a game like that you know that's great now you get the Seahawks who will smoke That may mean there's no doubt about it but that did you see them yesterday against Arizona did you see them in the first game against the Minnesota Vikings that is championship caliber where the Vikings are not right now so I would much rather go on the road take my chances against the Washington Redskins one not gonna disrespect because they've had a great year even it saying you know all votes in a bad division but rather take my chances in that game as opposed to hosting the Seahawks core about as hot as anybody Green Hunter so what about could percent of what you said because that is a huge win on the road that's about playing the foundation you write the foundation for the future the so we can look back at that film and weaken weekend Show and now they are cells but are fans that we can win in situations like that were going up against a big team it's both to us over the past few years have the depleted in their six seven years ago we go on a rope prime time and we get a big year Harbaugh Victor's not like B Look at it inner we'll but you'll by the Wild Skinner did yes but it was like the game was given to the many people take that football game they had the make plays yet the forced the Bob what I would return for a touchdown borrow money you had over com Patterson on the long kickoff return the Fumble and then Big Mo is on the side a Green Bay an when both feel I mean you had overcome adverse.