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Listen: "Seeking a fourth straight national championship"

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Sports all night on ESPN Radio ESPN Radio dot com I'm John Bradley vaulted Hill on Twitter as the all night or add John underscore Brickley don't let basketball Bure only focus Joe around much you care about her two by sending Rose's from one hundred Flowers twenty-four roses in a base for just twenty-nine ninety-nine at one eight hundred Flowers dot com slash ESPN as Houston provides the backdrop to crown the men's national champ on the women's side the latest chapter of the U con legacy is nearly finalized the Nori MN company in the final four frame nine straight time seeking a fourth straight national championship with Oregon State on horizon Sunday night in and be the other half of the bracket features a four seven match up between Syracuse and Washington for preview looks at an upcoming on the alongside Rebecca lowball until Lawson when you look at Oregon State she always talked about this Geno REM of that he's had some trouble sleeping at night watching their often led by Jimmy wise but it got great defense in the number one field goal percentage defense in the country but they can also scoring may have the Big Three and it's led by the pack twelve Player of the Year Jamie Wiser their leading scorer season the high can I score the basketball season there three point shooter but can get shots off against a bunch of different kind of defenders he can go inside he knows players ranked ahead of Monday release honors but he can get with that thirty points against The made a bunch of three point shots in the game so it's going to start with her as the two guard to put some of that weight honor Saunders and have a big night against got as well well represented too because we're going to see the pack twelve featuring Washington that as a seven seed taken on third using the nightcap was the standout players and watch was one of the most unique player in college basketball on that sounds knows the Bulls player for Washington when you look at her skill level comes down as the trailed the top of the game but her basketball IQ as an ability really upset they run a lot of them fans see that knocked down a three points he has the ability I think sometimes players because of how she'd Watson because as he moves he underestimate elsewhere you do that he's big time mistake he can build up its he's on board as a rebound philosophy we've seen this team surprise the well Washington surprising Maryland but he saw always or a surprising that dot the Bulls EL there he's is back with their zone teams you defended.