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Patrick Hoffman Of Solvit Products Gives An Exclusive On The Newest Pet Products

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this year they're all travel related, one of them is called the car Cutler and it's combination seat cover and had been online, it keeps your seat protected from Vander under but at the same time you get a very filled bad and cushion with the bolster around to keep your pet comfortable, the nice thing is you can actually engaged, bell with this product in place and attach the safety harness, to the seatbelt so now you're pets both safe and comfortable when they're right now I seeded Kike have their work in the bus ear pot you can find them online mini retailers you can come to our website which is solid products dot com that's S. so well Vi T. products dot com and you can just give will solve it and you'll find find them all over the internet, you can also find him in the number of male or catalog is that Smart stores and other redefine retailers Ok now I see another plaid that and it almost looks like a picnic basket what is that, that would be arm Booster C. Michel and that's a great way to elevate your Pat if your pet likes to look out the window but they're not quite tal enough to do so when you know one I'm jumping up and down, get him a Booster C. you can hang it from the back of the say it live sum up Off The Saints so they can see out better and a lot of an just like a couple up and go to sleep it's a great solution