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Listen: "On the Republican side, you know you still have candidates in Ben Carson and John Kasich who are hanging around"

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And it's it's a weird time now especially for well really on both sides of It's a strange time because you have a lot that could be accomplished if they are the focus or not going to be the winners here and it should be fairly obvious to at least a couple of them were just bow out and narrow the field I guess is not as much to be gained in the Democratic side because there's only two candidates one of them could make him one of them won't and they see it again ever more readily apparent which one of them is going to make it to the nomination it doesn't look like the the Bernie's going through burn its way into a nomination it's just it's not going to happen so not terribly surprising the great news about They for much of anybody but the terribly surprising and on the Republican side you know you still have candidates in Ben Carson and John case sick core hanging around for some reason I guess and the one that everybody is waiting for is going to be Trump period not trumpet is are going to be Rubio or Cruz that's going to drop out in leave the other one to carry the metal forward and try to mount some kind of a defense against Donald Trump and I I don't know when it comes to any of the candidates even given the results today unless it's an absolutely miserable showing there's no real reason for any of them to jump out because it you know for me to put a lousy showing he stole the say well let's wait until Florida and if if if Cruz put a lousy showings going to say well look I won Texas probably I meet the numbers hold out the way they seem to be indicating and with the other two wall the evened their vision know what there's nothing toll in the same respect is Rubio is going to say well that's wait until Florida case it is going to say well that's wait until Ohio and Ben Carson's who's going to say I just night being on television so that's going to happen and there's you know I don't even know.