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BURST 1 Listen: "One million dollars in Cole the hard cage sitting in the police departments evidence room"

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Michael B. Thomas
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How is that gone then cooperation yeah that's what teammate they buried something at the bottom of the article and beacon about this that I thought was kind interesting to the Jiri down this far Ben one million dollars in Cole the hard cage sitting in the police departments evidence room yeah all million dollars in cash they're the evidence room his talent I guess they say is different son claim to then you know just kind of sits there if there's that's neither yeah if if there's an investigation it's didn't get seized but then The investigations over and nobody comes to claim the money if they're supposed to get a bat well what do you do well kept The Police but I've I'm not mistaken isn't there some sort of it's something where The Police Department actually use that money or they're trying to do is say they wanted to into a property evidence fun and they can they can put it in the bank get some interest and that way maybe there Lee's making a little bit of money off all the money that Sitton in the vault right now that would seem to make some sense you know you put it like that you know million dollars in money market fallen making in one percent forward a that gets ten thousand more dollars you have every year even if it's just know I was an interest so that makes sense I love the story to that they hadn't here Mike one of the police captain said he when into a drug house and found a hundred fifty grand in cage hidden by this woman the quote was hit a fifty dollar bill in every page of The Bible and then in every pocket an piece of luggage she owned just a fifty yeah just you go through the go through from Genesis I'm down the revelations fifty blocks in the box every sickening every single page our fifty bucks a No and every paid to The Bible when I was in Bible school only got through a lot better yet if you probably would've past vs our when you yeah there's a fifty all into a Levin again and and God said let there be Benjamin is a three three three seven of fifteen ninety the number Garfield people I'd be curious to hear from you up have you what do you think it because the whole talk is Ben What are we going to do with the Garfield cluster they're a couple other schools that haven't been touched yet but I think it's a safe bet that North's not going anywhere the real question is what's gonna happen to Garfield will stay will go Garfield folks I wanna hear what you're thinking If you're out there three three three seven oh fifteen ninety ten thirty-three right now will take some phone calls on the other side of the break fifteen ninety WHA are Akron NewsTalk sports.