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Listen: Then Mike Mularkey in any sport

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Jonathan Daniel
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21 games under 500 he's eighteen and thirty nine you wish to win seven as in in term Kobe loses numbers this fax come so has he head coach ever been a hired after earning term basis with their worst winning percentage then Mike Mularkey in any sport I would be you'd be hard-pressed defined unless it was one game and it was all in one and they still liked the way that team played an they hired the guy an let's see Lovie Smith won four more games and he won the previous season yeah he's gone yeah Andes tennis six with the Chicago Bears and he was gone It's amazing while Lovie Smith really that he wanna think about a guy who loves the Lovie yeah gets the short ended the stick more then a couple of times Indiana I mean it's it's incredible yeah if I was a fan of the titans I would just be dusts cost it by this an Rielly I'm quiet because it's not like the guy that that you were hiring Anna after a two and seven inn term wreck earned had any Reza may prior to this being a head coaching was with good same fur example Lovie Smith blows the coordinator the Turner digging in term They went two and seven and then they kept in mind that table where this second alright anyone some games in the past Mularkey is dunk meeting 21 games under 500 as a head coach up with seven and then imposed this year and a brutal that I mean that right there is it has to be easily the worst hire there we have seen it least on paper right now before we see how it plays out an maybe third time's a charm from Mike Mularkey but I mean we really wanna be hoping that if you're a fan of the titans a a third time's a charm enough filling out the door open yeah another one of these do hires and one that we both like in huge Jackson to the Browns he flat out I mean every report says that he wants no part a Johnny man's el an Reports yeah but he also said himself that we need a quarterback right so you gotta get in there and see who's got up close he seen them from a far and I guess is closes he's seen them is from another sign of why but now he gets in that locker room he could still have some interaction with him personal interaction andand see if this is the guy he feels like he can run with course he's gonna say we need a quarterback we got have a quarterback the to win in this league an then will find out of Johnny is the quarterback but I signed over the Cleveland Browns because I wanted to be assurance that if he's not the quarterback we could move on from him so they've got to pick with the second pick an thirty second pick So it's got a chance in that first round of the playoffs we find a quarterback if he feels like he can get one in free agency and he does have won on the roster right now how about this before I forget and will get right back into that Mike you be found Dave McGuiness was hired after anyone won in eight in term that's what bowling infected with taxing found one words and two in seven so that Arizona Cardinals higher Dave McGuiness after a one in eight interim period He went seven and nine the next year five eleven the next year for and 12 the year after that is finally fired 17 in 40 while Murray ended up so there you go there is you for example that was worse yet now as far as you Jackson An Johnny men's el if you look at it like alright this is eight talent here an I'm a guy that works with quarterbacks an eye at least a way to me and him in this organization as a first round draft choice to see a Viking get something out of him then then yes you say Look scheme around see what happens but huge Axe I think is thinking and I think maybe most people are subscribing to This take on it which is new fresh.