Listen: "One of the young guns of sports radio in the country putting out a tweet that I love, he says a quarterback could enter the NFL"

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Joe Robbins
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Coach never stops on Twitter Follow along Shawn K. peyton Manning retires tomorrow word breaking from Chris points at any S P and earlier today and A Joe Julio one young guns of sports radio in the country put out a tweet that I love to uses a quarterback Cadet of the NFL go twelve in four with thirty-five touchdowns and four thousand yards for fifteen straight years and still fall short of Peyton Manning's records it was an unbelievable run and I wonder for next guess Carlos Medina you follow him on Twitter at front office los an honor to tell you why you absolutely need to follow pitcher going to go in your to get something offered his Twitter feed that's going to help me out in a big way he joins us now the junkie Kate show and Los I mean if you're talking about the numbers of Peyton Manning urine numbers guy is he the craziest numbers guy for the you know as long as you've been fall the NFL or or is Brady in the same type of conversation well job when you look at a guy like Peyton Manning that into really interesting part of his career it he played the first portion of this before the rule changed the two thousand and four and so many of the role changes he came into the league when it comes to what defensive back computer receivers occurred because of Peyton Manning and it's all fit in New England in a playoff game so the NFL bench lead changed the rules to allow Peyton Manning to be able to do some of the stuff he was able to do moving forward and when you look at those numbers there are mind-boggling it it's amazing when you start thinking about guys saying locate you come into the league unique never do you don't have have had forty touchdown Pete that thirty touchdowns either HEAT went on a run that was just phenomenal over the course of his career so it number twenty start breaking down to go well that that's a guy who's been able to help a pretty much everybody else to play the game now Carlos media shares.