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Listen: With Lovie Smith because that was one of these

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Brian Kersey
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But they've got very little room with its think anything everything though a challenge for saying does it hurt ratings or visit heard feet in game experience more I think it's definitely the latter cause you you're sitting there to you don't have the ability is they are go from the foot of the news or a little flipped a whatever worthy other game of the dugout but more so then he be in home experience yeah work but that's a road as well agree I think it has agreed that's where the red zone is deal look stiffer that but if Yuri fan my Sunday's have really changed put no I could sit on the red zone and I could go from game to game to game to game but if you're a Browns fan in Ohio and you don't really care about you other stuff Alicia Got money you're fantasy which I know a lot of people do we have here stuck with the game that the slow down tremendously then that's first great yeah nothing but it does give frustrated Chris Simms are good friend from police report NFL analyst play be NFL played at Texas How much does Peyton Manning have to lose this weekend I honestly don't think he has anything the lose reluctantly when you look at the match up i mean it's Tom Brady who still one of the three of four bench quarterback in football an I don't like saying that but they've meaningful other three or four worst quarterbacks in football at this stage I mean the guy almost led the NFL in interception begin play the last six weekly year so I I look at the game more than the Phillies Manning burst Brady what exactly happened with Lovie Smith because that was one of these more bizarre fire rings in NFL history Zach think kind of similar to the how they fire Jon Gruden and they were stuck with they young and prepared head coach and now they may be in the same situation would pick Cooter cutter The third cutter it's built strange fate is I'm gonna give you buy got to back a little over a long time cause I think about Jim bothers exactly who Detroit exactly right away only award mobile promptly aware way away The suit pick here with my good friend see keep barber on two PM tyranny here on CBS Sports Radio.