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NFL Analysis: Is This The End For Gus Bradley, Blake Bortles And Jay Cutler?

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Go to jason looking for cbs sports nfl inside or what is conway to fourth gus bradley what's the story in jacksonville he stopped stubborn line world refusing to admit you who your record says you are mean a there's not a whole lot of i about a year over that if you look at analyze the situation would tell you you need to make changer the worst division football and he's don't care compete the quarterbacks regretful all the young corner quote palate and all that beat you have amassed on he for years bad is you've ever bears now the receivers that you are basically rendered not factors at some point but you get play in his quarterback derby shouldn't we could do it he with the other guy could do he really blake bortles i would affect for that is luck about does bradley them fight for my job maybe henne gives a spark in the first quarter i mean effort power people are saying in chicago the john fox is done with day blocking for just told us it bryan hoyer wasn't banged up pickup will never see the field again period who would take jay cutler see might concern with jay is that for teams that are desperate like the jets like the browns like the niners and even the rams right now i cannot wrist kim walking into that quarterback room and poisoning it guy can't now for to team that is like for for that were three and five it a bit division and there's an injury your this and of veterans to suppress that negative energy that he brings immediately i might be willing to do it but in the offseason i think the list is incredibly short of jay cutler that but i mean like you know and you get up for cheap as a backup would be one of the backup they'll presented is he going to be valuable forward ever young player you try to girl this jaguars quarterback blake bortles enough promise i'm not a robot like the shaw facebook atp and journey you're also not very good was bortles already so i was over before a kid but i don't know if we could have him on our show much more but we've been tannehill what at the to get importantly pretty the showdown at this hour of the show sports you buy when these big news here take.