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Matt Rice: What Mercy For Animals Is Doing To Help End Animal Abuse

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one of the the ways that you stop people from treating animals this way is to point out what they have done but you guys I their twenty-four seven and please take this in the manner which is intended, i think of use of any animal human leaving planters discussed I can better understand one animal is beat out even understand maybe still misunderstand I'm saying I can get in some ways a lot was freedom defending myself to check and doing compared to the size of the human, you know a chicken so easily overpowered I just don't understand that the kicking the clothing in the throwing of these animals yeah yeah chickens arguably the most abusing animal climate, they make more than nine million of the animal, ninety percent of the animal we in this country of chicken there are no, wondering perform mostly likely exclusive confirming it into the chicken producers routinely away with torturing billions of animals in ways that would land them in jail, in one or the victim and the company work to, In minimize will always come at the expense of animal are we seeing him everything bringing for the map of growth, very quick maritime we've seen them cramming hundred animal into their window Alicia and for all Michael they're looking at these animal simply mean producing machine, being feeling animal service protection for me, right the other animal and when you know when you talk about the site known people heard me say at the beginning I introduced you when you know talks about your organization when you talked about opening the hearts and minds of people to the power of the food choices to create kind the world, you guys advocating everybody the vegetarian don't me don't the chicken and if you not expelling the only one of the ways people tell animal simply eating known in in the eight and texture, for all animal cruelty go along with me very and a and a great way to with your dollar if you don't want to for animal of being when you don't you don't have to pay the industry, animal Cory winner great tearing alternative readily available, like for innovation we know people on the Golden carrying over night and in the meantime there billions of animals are bringing some of them are taking on a national unimaginable ways, But most people can even there was something you to you when you at the minimal surrendering twenty-four seven we're also working on this per stronger law that will will go working with companies like from implement meaningful animal for all you do away with the worst form of an inflight animal you are calling on, one in the reading of chicken for Robin growth issue slower growing green were at them in their lives, in favor call them eliminate perfect but some things going shocking waiting for office animal standard way that is now for checking, humans install lies streaming video cameras that stream going internet, well they're only with transparency happen when people know that they're being watched make on the internet better to or from malicious form that animal abuse that we're seeing in the facility Corker punching taking and taking the frustration, and all the the put into it simply by falling lie stream video care in the facilities,