Listen: "Who's the Batman versus Super Bowl the Superman match up, I should say, not Super Bowl Superman match up, in sports"

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Streeter Lecka
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And have some interesting thoughts on a I'll get one from Anthony going from Alex now the Payton and Brady is never going to be again and I was thinking or that silly Batman Superman movie that's coming out soon they you know I I see I think Herschel for every single you know every single time this a timeout again top eighty numb venue Malone he still hadn't city that man look like he got a little chunky in the back gave and there they yeah maybe had the bat Snacks I don't know but the Superman looks repped upset site and now that Payton and Brady are gone who's the Batman versus Super Bowl the Superman match up I should say not Super Bowl Superman match up in sports and had some interesting fartsy of the night and that the two they came up we're LeBron's Steph which I think is more of a just yet a star on one team in a star in another I'm not sure that that's the same type of thing and Cam Newton and Russell Wilson any other sort of match up crusher mind they could even begin to touch Payton and Brady well it's not one I will boil over Swift didn't generally said Bill Polian rated never that yea they never played one oh one against each other play as always the Payton Brady was won the greatest Robert Woods out there and see maybe it would sight for that to face of baseball between Trout then than Harper in the only thing is those they never play a less its you know they you never see them play except of its a crossover year what play every thirty year fourth year whatever you just all sit Alex year anybody comes to mind in football especially now I mean that means such a big one that's like there's my thought Wilson I thought Wilson and Newton.