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, the ads, after D's of protests Trump released a statement justifying the order, we will continue to show compassion Tebow's playing depression, but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and voters correspondent marry Maloney president Trump's pick to fill late justice ended in Scully's seat on the Supreme Court, will be announced this week, correspondent Victor black well reports on that president Donald Trump is done interviewing candidates according to a senior administration official and trot now making it clearer he has winnowed down his list of potential Supreme Court nominees saying he will announces pick on Thursday, will it be from the list that you gave out during the campaign answers yes will of being urgent must, I don't wanna say that you know to see on Thursday major decisions, I have made my decision pretty much in my mind use when they're subject to change until this moment but, I think this will be, a great choice, if approved the president's nominee will replace justice entered in Scully who passed away last February, this team has remained bacon since then after Senate Republicans refuse to hold a vote for Ben President Obama's nominate judge America Garland the administration official tell see in and that trumpets narrowed his list to four candidates, judge Neal corset true sits on the tenth circuit Court of Appeals in Colorado is a former Clerc for just this is Byron White and Anthony Kennedy He closely aligned with incidents goalie is conservative philosophy corset is forty nine years old also under consideration is William age prior junior who serves on the eleventh circuit Court of Appeals in Georgia. He was appointed by George W. Bush in two thousand five Pryor is fifty four years old and disagrees with the roll the way decision legalizing abortion, touched Thomas heart and sits on the third circuit Court of Appeals in Pennsylvania, it was nominated by George W. Bush in two thousand six, he serves on the same court as Trump's sister part of meant it's fifty one years old, before finalist is Dion sacks he serves on a seven circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago she was also nominated by George W. Bush and sites is a former reporter for the Milwaukee Journal she's fifty nine years old whomever the president picks finding support from Democrat still upset over the treatment of Obama's court nominee made pose a challenge for spot, on the Victor black well and confirmation hearings for Trump's cabinet picks will continue this week Well the the more cast is up next and robber Workman has hockey and basketball and yes the Australian Open, it's more first like coming up its eleven minutes past the hour, , are you living with the growing prostate deal P more often than you used to, do you wake up to go being honest is there a drop in your romantic life, prostate problems don't go away on their own so you need to call for a free bottle of Super beta prostate the number one nine prescription formula for your prostate the ingredients are natural with super beta prostate you'll have lesser just a you're in a less waking at night and it improvement in your romantic life try it for free I only shipping I'm handling super Bay. 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People associate for details, , beings support yes hot and cold in about two minutes away but first it's thirteen past the hour Monday January thirtieth, all Hickory Andrew Jackson survive the first ever assets the nation attempt on American president on this day in eighteen thirty-five eighteen thirty six flag maker Betsy Ross died at the age of eighty four two more important deaths in nineteen forty-eight, right, brother formal died at the age of seventy seven Mahatma Gandy was assessed a native at the age of seventy eight, nineteen sixty two to members of the flying windows hard-wired act, killed when they're seven member pyramid collapsed, during a performance in Detroit they know how to do this thing they had been doing this thing decades in decades in decades, in two thousand six credit Scott can with the will Doctor Martin Luther King junior died at the age of seventy eight, so let's stop the deaths and move on to something more positive, on this day in nineteen thirty-three belonged Ranger radio program went on the air for the first time at station W X Y Z in Detroit, , , , , why why and or their in the only way, , to those willing days of yes, , I love the game Chancellor Germany the same day in nineteen thirty-three and it's of more than silver bullets of course to put him or he belongs, nineteen sixty eight the tat offensive began during the Vietnam more as communist forces launch surprise attacks again Selvie at remains provincial Capitals. And in nineteen sixty nine the Beatles gave their last public performance, get I was a little job concert an impromptu rooftop concert the top Apple headquarters in London, and those are just some of the things, that happened on pass January thirties, it's fifteen past the hour let's get to the more cast Jean it is colder where I am are any other warm spots getting chill your yeah I think so and and we're seeing that flips which they we talked about the last week we're temperatures are going to be ending up much colder for, a longer period of time here in the East where is in the last things are warming up a bed, the one good news is we don't really see any huge storm see a couple a Clippers that will be moving from the well where they Clippers come from which is usually the planes of Canada down through the Great Lakes and ended the Northeast these are quick hitting storms to just put them a couple little, inches of snow usually usually company by pretty Cole there which is the case here and the custom slick spots so the area that or watching today is the Upper Midwest and then will be a batch of them into the Mid-Atlantic to so places like Pittsburg State College could have some so showers, also would down in places in the Delmarva Peninsula could see a little bit alike accumulation around Philly in Kate main New Jersey could see a little bit a light so here is that makes this little Clipper makes its way to the coast meanwhile out last where we had been so stormy things are kind of relaxing a little bit in fact drier from Las Vegas and warmer Aaron to last. Fans was here as we go through the day and put them on the Dean's List today and at some nice warm up in the Southern plane Stew, that will continue here as we go through the day so yeah I would put L.A. on the Dean's List after being so nasty at times this last week warming up to NYR eighty to be a was some sunshine alright thank you Dane and that's a look at America's whether here's the latest from the news room there'll be solidarity rallies in Canada after yesterday's deadly attack on a Mosque into backs, city in which six people were killed, canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau calls in a terror attack on Muslims to people are in custody, president Trump has started restructuring the White House National Security Council having senior advisor Steve Ben into the committee's principles which includes of the secretary is of State and the fans, a us service member was killed three others wounded in a rate in Yemen that targeted and Al Qaeda affiliate, the White House says an estimated fourteen militants were kill, and Ohio prosecutor plans to appeal the rejection of a convicted rapist one hundred twelve year prison sentence to the US Supreme Court, the sense was given to Brandon more for crimes he committed when he was fifteen, those are some of the stories are following on first like today at seventeen past it's sports time robber Workman is here, we're just gonna do have an kind of All-Star Sunday in the Weekend in between the N.F.L. playoffs in the Super Bowl an age of All-Star Game in Los Angeles the Metropolitan Division edged the Pacific Division four to three Cam Atkinson and Wayne Simmonds score goals five seconds apart with about five minutes remaining to put them on top. Him into its core twice in the Metro's semifinal win over the Atlantic Division was named the games and the P, the Pro Bowl last night in Orlando the A.F.C. held off the NFC twenty to thirteen bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander intercepted Kirk Cousins pass in the final two minutes to clinch it, it's a little more to it than just a simple pick they'll Alexander return the ball about twenty yards than lateral, to a team to leave of the Broncos who ran the ball inside the NFC twenty before he was caught, by Kirk Cousins who it from the past enough the ball allegedly but cover the, a fumble and the A.F.C. ran out the clock and well for the Pro Bowl that count as excitement superbowl fifty one, is less than a week away the Patriots a three-point favorite to defeat the Falcons forty niners have their new general manager Jon Lynch the Hall of Fame candidate and Fox T.V. analyst that announcement came last night Lynch who played safety four eleven years with the Buccaneers and for more with the Broncos, will have a six year contract the team expected to get its new head coach likely to be current Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, a six year deal is well also on Sunday the Colts hire their new GM Chris Ballard it been the Chiefs director of football operations NBA on Sunday the Cavaliers rolled over the Thunder one oh seven ninety one Kyrie Irving had twenty-nine points but on James twenty-five points and fourteen rebounds Russell Westbrook big it is twenty-fourth triple-double for okay city Warriors net the Blazers one thirteen one eleven Kevin Durant. Thirty-three points and ten boards Klay Thompson added twenty-seven last up and Corey missed his first game of the season yet a stomach bug, pacers about of the Rockets one twenty to one oh one Paul George was a standout scored thirty-three points and hell James Harden, you just fifteen on three of seventeen shooting and forced eight turnovers, upset last of the mix one forty-two one thirty nine in for over tell eyes Paul Millsap played sixty minutes scored thirty-seven points including a go-ahead layup with twenty-seven seconds left in the fourth thirty also grab nineteen rebounds Carmelo Anthony had forty-five for New York which played its first four overtime games since January twenty third, nineteen fifty one that day they lost to the Rochester Royals there's great grandchildren out of the Sacramento Kings the Wizards what the Pelicans one oh seven ninety for for their fourth straight win, John Wall eighteenth which nineteen assist Bradley Beal scored twenty seven, never surprise the Spurs won a five one oh one Seth Curry had twenty-four points Dallas had lost its last twelve This is to San Antonio, Magic's on the Wrap Gore's one fourteen one thirteen Nicole of his tidbits with twenty-five points and ten rebounds and the Bulls rest passes seventy touches one twenty one to one only twenty-eight for Jimmy Butler number one Villanova squeaked as number twelve Virginia sixty one fifty nine done big even Chen's those Dippin, just be the buzzer for the Wildcats within down twelve with ten minutes the played number seven Arizona lacked Washington seventy seven sixty six. Number thirteen illegal number nineteen Cincinnati in the twenty-four save your winners but number twenty Purdue with upset, at Nebraska, and at the Australian Open seventeen seed Roger Federer outlasted nine seen Rocky on and off in five sets of the men's title extending his man's record with eighteen Grand Slam championships Saturday in the women's final number two seed Serena Williams defeated her sister, Venus Williams for an for you give Serena a record twenty three Grand Slam titles this was also the seventh time that Federer and Serena one of the same Grand Slam event about that, it's going to sports are slamming other shrimp on the Barbie down there thank you robber Workman straight ahead on first lined up next our double chuck section check him Lee has dollar signs in his eyes chuck Rich as stars in his eyes watching the said awards will find out about those it's twenty one minutes past the hour, , rent somewhere is software the can in full trade your business through email and they blink cyber criminals to hide check sensitive information as ran some for your own data's release leveraging Barracuda email security with advanced detection can stop of rent somewhere attack in its tracks as an added measure Barracuda backup allows you to recover yo do, without having to surrender to explosion crime doesn't pay when you protect your business dado quick Barracuda good of barracuda dot com slash ran somewhere to learn more, , this is Jones knows. All of it misery in University leaves than an education unlocks a person's potential to believe and educated person has a positive impact on his or her community you believe in a situation is not something to be contained but imparted to the world they believe in you, learn more at graduate all of that stuff TD you, all of that naturally University, where you are where you will be this is check now, the guy knows not to judge a man bias cars multicolored pain job for absence of modern get true, computers against technically opened up, in the windows, by the strained left arm, you're monthly came in it's you, and in stay that way, is with over five hundred thousand parts and little net the middle, keep an, she made up for the Chiefs all yours, , up and, the new, , up little Triple H averages getting over the speed between the good news is not alone, overnight problem failed, how to take care of me, and blockers, we were slow down we get into the early Monday morning commute playfully breed work with completed way here this Goodell's so five twenty have already revealed, Colby pass we have no restrictions, the Bears no restrictions, I might Conklin cold when you, dot com, financial watch on first like good morning to you plantar here this early morning with first light on west would one, triple a prices regular gas at to twenty seven to Gala nationwide that's right it has been trending downward. It's to thirty seven in New Jersey to thirty two and South Dakota and we get more from truck Cam like Wall Street coming off an a storied week that's all the Dow close above twenty thousand for the first time ever the markets ended mixed Friday after news that economic growth slow down and orders for long-lasting durable goods fell on Friday The Dow was down seven at the end of the, date than us that guided five the S and P down to one report investors We'll watch today involved consumer spending which could join increased for December Christmas, another is pending home sales deals side but not yet closed, General Motors another played to make a joined announcement this morning no details yet what they'll say, investors looking forward to the earnings news from general growth properties which owns Walls all across the country more than one retailer has blamed, lower mall traffic, for a drop in their business, and the Senators expected the vote today on whether to confirm Rex to worsen the former see your backs on mobile as president Trump's Secretary of State thank you Chuck toilet is no longer the world's biggest car maker Volkswagen sold more autos and it will be number one for twenty sixteen unless GM beat General Motors numbers, will be out today vying from Amazon will no longer be tax-free in Mississippi Missouri Rhode Island South Dakota and Vermont this follows a ruling last month, either Supreme Court. Twenty-five past the hour and chuck Rich time good morning to you Chuck, good morning Evan awards over the weekend, the screen after skilled awards last night and the night before Saturday the producers Gil towards produces Gil went and his somewhat predictable direction like other award shows lately the top winner for the for production was, the Daryl of Seneca award for Lala land, and the script signed awards however they makes things up a little bit, the top prize for Ensemble in emotion picture went to hidden figures, another Phil Nevin kind of watching to see how it's momentum is going, I don't know if it's going to score enough said at the Oscar is, but it got a substantial amount attention am astounded win for her performance a lot on land, the best doctor award however did not, go to Ryan guzzling Atlanta land, like Denzel Washington of fences Viola Davis of that film also one for supporting performance and in T.V. they makes it up a lot may gave a lot of respect to, Netflix the cast of Orange Is the New Black choose from the show the crown which is about queen Elizabeth when she was princess Elizabeth and other shows stranger things they really did give attention to shows a lot of people may not know so was interesting show, a lot of political talk ground both nights, and last night's outside award when a little bit long, and what about just a quick worried about John hurt. Oh, great accurate he did so many things, here's one example of a sense of humor remember the animal the the alien bursting out of his chest in the original alien, he repeated that innings baseballs for Mel Brooks and said Oh not again, but not a lot of great stuff, thank you Chuck twenty seven pass this is first light, , with go to meeting you can really connected your team members anywhere, morning everyone thanks rid of haven't seen in little have the supplier yeah, okay, mark yet when you the designed is, yesterday, perfect right me how it out in the first round earlier or good, that's great, oh you know it's not only worry will show to the team in Dallas before saying into accounting okay that, okay, when you connect better everything comes together go to me to try of free and go to meeting dot com, look into any great business whether it's a manufacturer, or a hotel, a storm, school, for hospital, looking to each and every one of them and you'll find the same thing, great people, that Kromer, we believe that great businesses are powered by great people, and with Korean us work for solutions will help you find them keep them, and engaged them, learn more at crunch dot com, grown-ups workforce innovation that works, , most Tuesdays or just Tuesday, so the Buffalo well wins or Tuesdays or wing Tuesdays, but now even Wayne Tuesday's aren't sure swing Tuesday's because wing Tuesday's are have Price winning Tuesday's which means your boring Tuesday that became wing Tuesday not cost you have as much. Case for confused we have half Price when Tuesday's we do it for you, Buffalo while winning, we've been here, sports, friends emerges vision there's an but has been patients potatoes void where prohibited, I started going cool turkey at least what I'm in a car high notion do it but it's so hard to stop my solution is simple I just don't do it there are lots of ways to stop yourself and others from texting and driving how will you stop brought to you by the National highway traffic safety administration any Ad Council, first y twenty-nine past marijuana becomes legal in the state of main today legal to smoke grow possess and give but not to sell, I don't know this has anything to do with the Wheat but Scottish research or say dogs behave differently when they play right gave music for Pat dogs and shoulders they tested love rag a BIRTHDAYS TODAY Oscar winner Jean happened eighty seven former vice president between the seventy six first light is pretty despite, see our Crawford engineered by the legendary Joe ardent your first like is a production of West would one I'm Evan hating, five, como news one thousand and them ninety seven seven twenty minutes of non-stop news at the top and bottom of the hour plus traffic every ten minutes on the for your husky nation's station, this is come on news good morning como news time is for thirty America it's in the como twenty-four seven new center A.B.C. News is coming up protest continue across the Seattle area over the Tropp administrations policy on immigration. My Conklin is triple a traffic and Shannon oh Donnal is in the como Weather Center, Kerley forty three degrees with cloudy skies in downtown Seattle, first the latest in National and World news from A.B.C., , turnover all the shooting of what next city Mosque a terrorist attack on Muslims a six were killed eight injured, two men in their twenties are in custody, I mean officials of not set who they are but former, I counter terrorism specialist Steve Gomez says this attack mirrors similar attacks in the US you have, stomach extreme assists you know and I says el quite a bit of committed attacks for the last decade or so and then you also have domestic terrorists groups that are looking do the same type of thing as a backlash against that community and that's part of the strike that were experiences police could release more information later today a solid, largest are planned throughout the back, they're a margins in protest in this country throughout the weekend against president Trump's immigration restrictions an official with the Department of Homeland Security is confirming to A.B.C. News their apparently no people detained of airports in the US Poland's foreign minister is defending the immigration order saying No straight hasn't duty to accept integrates Sherry Preston A.B.C. News, como news time is for thirty one here's the top local stories recovering from Monday January the thirty a, they're more protest last night over president Trump's executive action on refugees and immigration. The order temporarily stop travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries almost care cost this reports from protested Seattle's Westlake Center, it's what trying to know, this is what they call on an error, we're seeing the you know when people take Axeman people, standout him a organizing the protests you know that, that is he's very real results, and that's what is going to takes it takes Holiday are the forty eight, just, Ryan, different kinds working out here, writing onboard, nine, Mike, kind of in third and, another win here you can't have done this pounds, land here often it's the money see Jack International Airport was quiet Sunday but on Saturday in immigration protest over took some of the public areas Iverson Travelers are being detained by immigration officials the most met market rich reports, from Saturday's massive impromptu protested see take airport is frustrating Democrats and Republicans after we're gon out travellers with all the proper paperwork needed to enter the country we're being detained our country has reacted, correctly people across the country saying this is that right, Andy Murray is the third highest ranking Democrat in us senate, yet when she try to get answers from the trumpet missed ration, on see tax detainees and the new protocol customs aboard protection were to follow, she got nothing, has come was met mark of which reporting Congressman Dave record defense the Presidents executive order uses the US must be certain that current systems are capable of for early vetting anyone applying Forte refugee status como news time is for thirty three sixteen attorneys general from across the nation including Washington's Bob Ferguson are condemning the present. Span on immigration as unconstitutional, they should a joint statement yesterday saying the are confident Trump's executive order will be struck down by the courts today Ferguson says he plans to make a major announcement regarding executive order on immigration governor Jay in sway will be there as well when the announcement is made, and protestors are planning a demonstration today at the University of Washington's read square, the huge up says the demonstration is not a University section of that but noted the school was a long history of free speech and peaceful assembly the player demonstration is a response to present Trump's executive order to build a wall on the US Mexico border, and one it's time to score three four promote Tripoli traffic we check it every ten minutes on the poorest can we say good morning to Mike Conklin a good morning due to and so far so good rang true looking quite good throughout the area Auburn we are catching that moderate buildup northbound on one sixty seven and highway eighteen, that's going to build up and, the another increase in you get the camp of the flows northbound one sixty seven it will of that continues North into Renton and of course, you know Renton party Avenue and Logan avenue we are are seeing the morning going shift change traffic struggle ride and also you go north than ever in your see southbound five five leading on the state route five twenty-six the Boeing freeway their showing up for sure changes will otherwise smooth flows on both building bridges scope or only pass in Stevens pass we have no restrictions. Aires are on schedule your next report out for forty four I might Conklin on como news, thanks my didn't come won't Shannon oh Donald has your forecast a quiet surgeon work week on Monday namely cloudy skies highs back into the mid-forties really pretty textbook stuff around tier getting a little callers was like from January into February on Tuesday and Wednesday, lows in the thirties highs having trouble making it to the low forties So really struggling to warm backup, fat chance for some midweek low once know that had looked a little bit more promising last week is a pretty much falling apart if we CB snow at all be closer to the Oregon State line, and the como weather center I'm it all just Shannon note on offer como news, forty three eight or reason cloudy skies in downtown Seattle twenty minutes of nonstop news continues on como come on his time is for thirty six, even some republicans are proposing president transactions on immigration, former stay party chair Chris Vance has been an outspoken critic of the president, he says Trump's executive orders said let him to join the American civil liberties union sometimes ACL used taken stands the Conservatives didn't support, but now the it's he'll use the good guys, they're the ones are standing up to make sure this new administrator does not trampa all over our Constitution and our rights and it pains me to say that right now the Republican ministry should is the bad guys fans even joined the protesters last night at Seattle's Westlake Center. I'm being Amazon so now notice making recommendations to some of its employs and a spokesman for calling said the company right now is currently assessing the situation Steve McCarron come audience como news time is for thirty seven, election officials eighty pointed to make sure Seattle's new democracy vouchers are only use by city residents como raised ethics questions a rather race questions to the Ethics in elections commission, after the vouchers were sent out were said to people out of state the commission says in some instances the vouchers were male to forwarded addresses but the commission so Wayne Barnett acknowledges the must determine whether the people getting the vouchers out of state intend to return to Seattle we have to, look at ways we can, keep those people in the system while making sure that those who are not returning to Seattle aren't the Dodgers goals an effort to get big money out of local politics como news time is for thirty eight, police are looking for shooter after a man was shot and killed early Sunday morning you standing outside of building their third avenue and Sherry Street in downtown Seattle victim is rush to harbor few Medical Center worry died the shooter took off and remains at large, new information on a murder added beater like Park in some ambush a twenty-three year old Renton woman is is rested and sky way Saturday Kane County Sheriff's detectives say she's the driver of the se ve that hidden killed the twenty-two year old son. Of the Seattle police officer on Wednesday, a man wooded during an officer involves shooting in kid set county is now out of the hospital and in jail investigators say an off-duty Lakewood police officer was in Port Orchard when the shooting happened early Sunday the kids have County Sheriff's Office says that officer shot a man in the arm, SHARE spokesman Earl Smith so detectors are still sorting out what led to do shooting when I don't from you know that they did located was a, and I'm at the same, on that's determined to be , from the suspect police say the man was traded for swoon in a arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm the safety Lakewood police officer was off-duty but in uniform and and eight marked car come on his time is for thirty nine firefighters and Bremerton honored one of their own on Sunday the hell they memorial service for James Hendricks who died from, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma earlier this month, he was forty seven years old And the diagnosis is presumed to a than caused bias work as a fire fighter Henrik Sir twenty years for the Bremerton Fire Department, investigators search for searching rather for kids, he man and struck family burned out pickup yesterday, with human remains inside the investigation began after three bodies were found inside the man spread out house and see Beck police say they found a home on fire after hearing about violence and several people being hurt deputies seven looking for the home order forty three year old John Karri a got. and that Peter Tuesday rather Tino put allow scares is the new leader of Washington's Democratic Party she was selected as the parties new chair grabbing nearly seventy percent of the vote, she Easley defeated sitting chairman Jackson the Ravens last fall the sale Democrat last or bed for Secretary of State, , como news time is four forty time to check the como sports desk guns accurate means the only on beating squad in division one man's hoops be fared right Bulldogs or twenty to know after beating Pepperdine ninety six forty nine on Saturday the sacks tied the longest winning streak in team history giving them a shot becoming the number one team in the a people comes out later today, five Arizona players scored in double figures as the number seven Wildcats beat the washed in Huskies seventy seven to sixty six Sunday, husky freshman markel fault scored sixteen points for the dogs, you drop tonight in twelve overall and two of seven in the pack twelve now skis lead virtually the entire first half before Arizona's off fence finally got moving and pulled away in the second, and women soups temp rake Stanford rally from an eighteen point first half deficit to beat the seventh-ranked you'd up Huskies last night seventy two to sixty-eight, Kelsey plum scored forty four points but it was not enough before a sellout crowd of ten thousand fans at heck add to billion it was awesome man you know so I'm so grateful to come on that he can get a win for him because. You know, hopefully it was like, okay, when we did, plum eight seventeen of twenty seven shots but aside from her washed in was a combined six of thirty seven shooting for wash est meant beat Arizona State ninety one eighty three Josh Hopkinson of Shoreline racked up a career-high thirty one points for the Cubs to go along with ten boards in a pro ball Alex Smith Andy Dalton three touchdown passes says the, if see top the NFC in the All Star Game twenty to thirteen, a FoxSports Football analyst Jon Lynch has been hard is the new general manager of the San Francisco forty niners Lynch comes it the job with no front office experience having gone straight from the playing field to the broadcast booth in two thousand eight, sports a ten and forty minutes past the hour on your home of the Huskies como news, coming up into minutes other check on traffic couple news time is for forty-two, millions of Americans put money and a four oh one K. plans in hopes of a comfortable retirement but como Scully Thompson says some of those saving plans can lose can better can cost you a lot of money Courtney har when and her husband of including money into for one case for eighteen years they hope to retire by eight seventy, I have to play, and who can save, of work anyway save as much as we can but we do worry that it's not going to be a not shading enough money isn't the only concern face can chip away at your retirement often costing tens of thousands of dollars typical to win come couple will pay more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars in fees over the course of their lives that's all. Whole lotta money coming out of your nasty I think you could otherwise have later on, in to report says look for choices with lower feast on good option target date funds for your four oh one K., they reallocate over time based on your expected retirement date, some threes hours lowest point zero eight percent or just eighty sense for every thousand dollars you when best, and it's crucial to start planning early If you're making fifty thousand dollars a year at age of forty-five and you want the same lifestyle him retirement you should have ninety thousand dollars in May seeing daunting but if you can up your contributions off the along with here raises every year it can really had a very Lee, EAST save enough to take full advantage of your company's four oh one K. match a lot of financial Advisers an investment companies are being sued over what consumers feel are excess of teams especially for investments the down performed very well some buying into experts predict an increase in lawsuits will make many of those things go, down that's como Scully Thompson reporting you could read Moore on her story in the como consumer section on como news dot com, and como news time is for forty four couple Tripoli traffic we check it every ten in some of Fortune we check in again with might Conklin headed isn't Monday morning we are seeing that first of week early morning commute starting to build up and. Summer usual spots Auburn none now, moderate buildup northbound one sixty seven about highway a team that is going to pick up a little bit more history getting into I can't and then on your way into Renton and then of course our Renton and in the coverage as well we're seeing blowing shift change and so on both of the plants we are seeing some the parking lot beginning to fill up now, smooth flow was going on both the floating bridges and if you're headed used to the mountain still call me pass and Steven path no restrictions then the Ferry's around schedule, you're next reported for fifty four I might Conklin on como news, next Mike taking look at your forecast for today cloudy skies with the daytime high NYR forty-five degrees for tonight hello around thirty eight effort Tuesday a chance of rain next with snow in the morning partially Sonny, of the daytime high NYR forty-five degrees and Kerley outside the studios of como news in downtown Seattle we have cloudy skies and forty three victory, you're in the middle of twenty minutes of nonstop news, on como news one thousand and it at them ninety seven seven, , good morning go what his time is for forty five in the are going to come a twenty-four seven new center here some of the top news headlines police say once suspect was arrested that the scene and another in in nearby city following last night's deadly shooting at a must in Quebec City Canada. Six people were killed in eight were wounded governor Jay in XLII and mayor Ed Murray were among the speakers at a large rally in downtown Seattle the Drew more than a thousand people protesting president Trump's action barring people from certain Muslim nation's from the United States and sports guns I get beat Pepperdine ninety six forty nine for me in the nation's lone undefeated division one team, the ball to husky men's and women's teams last yesterday, go bunnies time is for forty six, prior in school is always a hot-button issue, prayer on the football field is the reason behind a new Bill from the from a Washington House Republicans como skate Cone has more in what could stop it from going anywhere postgame prayer the topic of a new Bill in a limp yeah it in pre out loud prides finally huge representative Jessie young crafted a legislation in response to a twenty fifteen controversy, PRIMER ten assist in football coach Joe Kennedy was suspended by the School District first silently praying with players after games they said inherently there with a degree of Cowher shin after the season his contract was not renewed to see average guy you just wants to be out there it coaching, the young man in helping to people in my community House Bill sixteen oh two would protect coaches like Kennedy claiming that once the game is over though school Browns eight gave the field become a public space making it Wellwood in the rights of any coach or faculty member to lead a prayer. That representative young says Shields every want, this is a, pro school Bill, that addresses a real concern that this, the stretch of loss it's a come from out of state groups with agendas any school that doesn't comply faces of find of at least five thousand dollars for the first offense and up from there, I can't, I turned that he has, but our hearts event really congestion ruling on the, I've been representative nearly Jenkins is cheer of the hell's Judy Sherry committee where the Bill no-hit she doesn't not planned to hear it I, really the stats your bills that are specialty unconstitutional your again member who weeks maybe, just coming up to baby being able to be a first stringer in your coach decide that you want to invite you to Pray that you're not of that age, I don't want to bring up are you going to feel pressure that, what, season the lauded all about your eight of he, I got kind of pressure completed, and the women ten School District wouldn't comment on the house built because are still in litigation with coach candidate, an Olympian Gabe got one como news from science fiction to reality a read and company has secured major funny to potentially Alonso mission to mind inhouse to right in the next three years almost Ryan Memorial has that story planetary resources getting a financial boos from the country of Luxembourg in November of last year twenty five million Euros to launch the for. First ever asked to a prospect the mission by twenty twenty, something signo Chris Wickey like installed modern-day Gold rush into the Gold Miner started by walking up, the Rivers and looking for the shiny gold I gets an over time we brought technology and tools to do that better and better, for the past seven years the Redmond company has developed and tested technology in first or bit where they eventually hope to mine an asteroid for the most basic resource, water yeah for a gesture then takes about to tell him, of water a year and the constant shipping that into space is about a hundred million dollars, for astronaut because of Wickey says if we plan on exploring space we need to live on what space provides, much like the settlers living off the land and asteroids are no longer just science fiction they actually seemed far away when you do the Rockets Giants and actually works out that they're very excessively there's millions of them in the solar system, and I have all the materials that we need to supporter lives landed, construction an industry in space, in Redmond Ryan Yamamoto como news this year planet Torrey resources hopes this into space craftsman orbit for testing center board Rockets from India and space acts como news time is for forty nine a former thirsting County Commissioner a safe after is West lumpy up home, it was to lucky a home burnt down, the far was a big at one point Cruz had a pull back dealing be afar department says the house is a total last but former commissioner George Marner is on. When his time in a score fifty now here's your cold will propel insurance money update investors and did a week of milestones on Friday with the day of listless trading that left us stock index is mostly lower, the Dow fell seven points but did close about twenty thousand, the S and P five hundred slid to pointed the best I can positive next Rose five and a half, Delta flights are departing again and the ground stop has been lifted after systems outage last night led to departure delays in cancellations, tell to says about a hundred fifty flights or impacted with more expected, Toyo to has lost its status as the world's best-selling automakers ending four years at the top, worldwide sales for toilet a rose to ten point two million vehicles last year, that fell short of Volkswagen's ten point three million cars trucks and buses, and Starbucks is making a political statement with the promised to hire ten thousand refugees over the next five years worldwide, the program would begin in the United States where the focus will be on hiring immigrants who work with America troops in position such as interpreter HS, Jim riot A.B.C. News their next money update on como news in thirty minutes a check on traffic in three minutes come on his time is for fifty-one at nineteen, now, the guy knows not to judge a man buyers cars multicolored pain job for absence of modern get history computers against technically opened up in the windows are powered by the strained left on your monthly. I mean it's serious, and in stay that way because with over five hundred thousand parts and little net the middle, keep an, actually me not pretty, the Chiefs all yours, that snap and, the new, , no, network, who's not to judge a man but as cars multicolored pain job for absence of modern get history, computers against technically opened up in the windows, our by the strained left arm your monthly came in it's serial, I didn't stay that way because with over five hundred thousand parts and little net the middle, , keep anything on the road actually made up for it, cheese, yours, snap and, the new, , May, while of card, , you ready border, , you got it, , the Leafs who've missed or, the smallest, the biggest impact, Charles want to do that today, more, eight seven seven four, he won one or visit, brought to you by the US Department of Health and Human Services and The Ad Council that highway speeds the average text takes your eyes off the road for about five seconds, that's enough time to travel the length of a football field, stop texts stop Rex dot org, brought to you by the National highway traffic safety administration and the Ad Council did you know that birthday parties help build confidence in kids yeah did you know the giving kids like Sugar before bedtime helps and from Petr oh totally did you know that friendly kids have more friends everybody knows that hey guys did you know that most people think they're using the right car seat for their kid but they're not. 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I can connect with them in give them the information you need in an honest trustworthy, and sometimes entertaining, we're all in this together for family, stay Connected stay informed this is come on News, and como news time is for fifty four como Tripoli traffic we check it every ten minutes in the forcing the last time we check in with my conflict and good morning and we are seeing that the build up for the early Monday morning commute getting we're down North Seattle now from State Patrol northbound life five nearly KSU the way we do have some degree on the road, auburn we're getting a moderate buildup northbound on one sixty seven starting at the highway eighteen picks up a little bit more when you get the Willis and can thinned even more by the time you get into Renton, and of course Rinne duo bowing shift change at the both Renton than ever right now, we're seeing Subban I five leading on the state route five twenty-six the Everett freeway that is the building up for shift changes well otherwise move flows still in both the floating bridges Nance No call means Stevens passes no restrictions and the Ferry's around schedule here next reported at five all four I'm Mike Conklin on como news, thanks not my taking look at your forecast for backed worth Monday cloudy skies of the daytime high NYR forty-five degrees, for tonight a low around thirty eight and for Tuesday a chance of rain mixed with snow in the morning partially sunny with a high near forty five victories. Kerley outside the studio was a coma news in downtown Seattle we're forty three degrees and cloudy skies, higher como consumer tip of the day brought you by para text pest control solving pass problems around here for more than one hundred years para text affordable effective pest control, why spot, let's be honest Prater's even big-name brand models can be finicky or worse yet breakdown So if you're in the market for a new predator you might want to consider the results of a new consumer reports survey of more than thirty six thousand subscribers it shows are all in one in Chip printers while popular tend to be less reliable based on the serve eighty, estimated problem right after three years was seventeen percent compared with just ten percent for regular printers here's a breakdown by brand an estimated thirteen percent of brother and fourteen percent of can and all of morning Jets we'll develop a problem by the thirty year of ownership for regular inject trainers those without copying in skinny features models made by, Cannon are half is likely to break down as those made by age pretty the estimated problem rate for Canada was nine percent by year three vs. eighteen percent for age create more about the survey in the Consumer section of como news dot com her voice bomb como news A.B.C. News is coming up como news time is for fifty seven, most Tuesdays or just two straight, except of Buffalo while Williams for Tuesday's or wing Tuesdays.