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How To Prevent Your Pet's Travel Anxiety

Respected veterinarian Dr Marty Becker talks about some ways to calm a pet that suffers from travel anxiety.

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"I'm relaxed, I'm tired, I'm going to eat and have a glass of beer, or some other people might like a glass of wine, that's more of what it's like."

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Let's say, you guys talk about your pets are easy travelers and so for them, most of the time a trip in the car means to someplace fun, either they are just going to be traveling with you as you go through drive through or go to visit somebody, or maybe you're going to the dog park, but a lot of pets don't do very well because the trips to the vehicle usually meant a trip to the veterinarian or a trip to the groomer, some place that's not as fun, so there are some really good anti-anxiety medications, there's about as, we've been talking about creating fear free veterinary visits, and part of what happens with fear, you know, anxiety and fear both lead to stress, and so there's been companies that have developed some really good natural chill pills, so to speak, and so you can ask your veterinarian for a recommendation, but they are names like Anxitane, Seroquel, Zylkene, Composure pro, and those work good for pets who have separation anxiety, or to introduce another pet into the house hold or take it to someplace stressful like the vet, but wow can it make that car travel so much easier. - Well here's my question, though, if you're going to the vet, do you want your animal to be doped up when you get 'em to the vet? - This really doesn't, it really doesn't dope 'em up, it's... it's really funny, my wife takes a green tea extract to rev her up and yet, l'theanine, a green tea extract really calms pets down. And there's another one I use that has trypophan, you always think of about that after Thanksgiving you know, after the turkey, and it has milkazine and it also has l'theanine in it, so, they are not... I'll tell you what it's like. When I'm on the road traveling and I get down to the end of a long day, I look forward to haven' a glass of beer, and it's just like Pavlov, you know? I'm relaxed, I'm tired, I'm going to eat and have a glass of beer, or some other people might like a glass of wine, that's more of what it's like. - Oh, okay. - That's more of what it's like. Cuz you've had a beer and it's just like, m'kay. And so you're not hyper alerting like those dogs do, you know when all of a sudden they are hearing everything, hah hah hah hah, and then they stop and they sniff something then, hah hah hah, and they're constantly scouring around the floor, they are hyper alert to noise and stuff, so they are just chilled out. - Oh, okay. Is there a way to behavior train them instead of using drugs? Like so that they'll just be calm in the car? - There is, but it's been my experience over 36 years that most people aren't willing to do it. So it's just like thunderstorm phobias, you know, ideally you can desensitize a pet to thunderstorm phobias, and there's some great products out there that work, but most people aren't willing to do it.