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Listen: "The seeds are being planted in shows like The Walking Dead"

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Theo Wargo
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Yeah they do and they're so it's not necessary ally its as people see it differently BC things in different ways nine No this kind of ask a ton thinking this idea of what the latter days apocalyptic Dominion is thinking is actually to see being into our leadership its see brain and two the masses this either being played in shows like the walking dead the idea of a double among us is being seeded shows like elusive for Damian we're hearing more and more about people committing very violent acts it more all activities six rituals people being it held prisoner trafficking human trafficking all these things are happening and people are saying all this is obvious of the Devil is aware but doubles alive and well in the world well maybe or maybe they're just pretty presenting these things in the media to get us ready for the big dance the big dance is close well you know but the debacle its proper season he's moving to stop about Moose took Bern eighteen instead the Bottom spoke of it he's got the C's have to be put to he could have him not injured by was not true you're right you're right at the B's until the end than the bye was a true but you have to also understand that the devil can quotes clincher and that not only that but the Devils themselves can use blueprints to fool you into thinking that it's the last stages well that sort of thing it be aware of I think there is a there could be very well the apocalyptic blueprint is being used Keller used a block on the blueprint by saying that the Bible could be shown that did a storm Drew Brees win in the end but the ss Miami and he use the Bible to prove that he used all should Thomas to prove it and we had to do a movie propaganda movie called we read the Bible and knows to dumbest too it's basically Bailey had to use that propaganda the tighter the propaganda girls was sending out well yeah slot led what I said what I said would love it every spurt but you have to have his spirits whit whether they are.