Listen: "I think it would be great to see him into Rams jersey"

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Brian Killian
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Out on his own and rehab on his own but he also don't want to talk about this now I've mentioned this over and over and I'm not going to waver from this If Peyton Manning was to play again there's attainable given the contract who are we to say retire Peyton we may feel like he can do it again actually told I think in Tom we got off Pierre AL yesterday morning and we were just kind haven't are are Poe show de brief and I think and I are both unfold agreement we think it would be and half stick for our business unpaid may think they from their three effect but fell from ticket when it you have no if you have know what that cliche I think it CLICHE OF eventually you have no rooting interest and I mean you know the Broncos fan page not to be with the Broncos but I love being Manning for what he's done for the NFL dog in the fight thank you either did you have no dog in this particular fight and I'm just looking at it from a business standpoint which sports radio is my business Howell much-maligned would it be to cover another year whether it's because the be people laughing at Babe Ruth whether it's because he goes out there and he didn't by all of me IEDs and Father Time it has a good feel like Brett Farve gave money with forty whatever it is whatever he dug that he plays again it'll be a story which is great for the business at first I want them to have his Budweiser moment off into the sunset right think of the great to see him into Rams jersey when you don't play Jets jersey not a good idea with what about Peyton going to the Jets after Brett Farve would've the Jets Jets fan just called me to say that Peyton Manning is going to be a jet been demanding another up so anyway it I know that a lot of people think he can do it he should never come back but again if there's a team out there really be given the deal and he wants to play I mean how many of you would turn it down just like knows how do you think eye socket my job I think he has is willing to pay me every two week in fact Friday's boom so it doesn't really matter what you think does it I mean you're still its name but if PDF is willing to pay me and give me my own show why it well when I walk away the somebody else being by SOG veteran painting with Peyton Manning and there's a team out there willing to give him a contract whatever you want and he wants to do when he wants to go through the mental and physical regres being on an NFL team again but anyway for those of you think how he's blind.