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Graham Hancock On The Purpose Of The Great Pyramids

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What do you think the purpose of the great pyramids would be? - Multi-dimensional purpose, many, many things, but one thing the great pyramid is for sure is a gigantic instrument that works on human consciousness. You can see this effect at work in the faces of all us who are drawn to the great pyramid. People come from all over the world, it's like a beacon, even in these troubled times in Egypt, and Egypt is going through very troubled times at the moment, that beacon reaches out and calls to us, so many people feel that at some time in their lives they need to make contact with the great pyramid. And let's ask ourselves why that should be and I think it's because it works on, first and foremost it was designed to elevate and accentuate human consciousness. - Okay, well this is the absolute truth my friend, I got to lie in that sarcophagus and I felt something very powerful, I don't know if it was my own mind, sort of telling me I should be feeling that because I'm that exotic place but I felt something very strong. - Me too, I've also had the privilege to lie down in that sarcophagus and if you tone in there, if you make a bit of a note, something happens with the vibration around you, you can almost feel, the veil between worlds thinning and feel yourself  encountering other levels of reality that you might never have imagined were there before. There are many ways to alter human consciousness and I've explored quite a number of those myself. But the great pyramid is an astonishing instrument for developing I would say, for enhancing the potential of human consciousness.