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Listen: "Quarterback derek carr receiver amari cooper" OAKLAND RAIDERS PRO BOWL

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Beyond the call on csn california donskoi his second of the night fourth of the year sharks beat the flames four to wanna success of the raiders this season has led to a huge contingent of oakland players on their way to the pro bowl the raiders lead everybody was seven player selected including quarterback derek carr receiver amari cooper and linebacker calais all mack more roster shuffling for the niners both wide receiver quinton patton an defensive back jimmy word placed on season ending injured reserve college basketball on tuesday night st mary's beats texas and i'm corpus christi sixty seven forty six gayles or nine and won the cal women are a lebanon oh after upsetting number twenty oklahoma eighty two seventy four behind thirty two points fifteen rebounds from kristin then that way sported fifteen and forty five at all news one oh six nine am seven forty case cbs remember when you're right throughout the holidays truly magical the world seemed lit up just for you and every moment was alive with possibility feeling on the san francisco valleys to win the night he has six always snowflakes swirl flowers dance in a little girl dream seventh if it that way by tickets now it s have now made vs thursday comedy is born on cbs it's like he's and the picture yeah advise your phone on a fishing home it's myself each take starring james brolin colin and academy award winner dianne we just in a comedy for the ages do you mean really life in pieces thursdays only cbs.