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Listen: "Are the markets going to continue to rally what is the trend right now" TRUMP RALLY

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Spencer Platt
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See what's going to happen after the first of the year what's going to go on with this are the markets going to continue to rally what is the trend right now is the trend with higher laws and hire highs or higher highs in hire lowest in one recent back you come into the free class we're going to show you that you're to be able to see these on a chart wait for price to get a poll back or wait for price to rally one price rallies it might be time three to sell when price drops it might be time for you to buy when you start to see these higher lawson higher highs you'll know what we're talking about on a chart to get this bull market though that were in you got that you've got it's great it's it's a great have it was it was it has been a heck of a run it really has how long will it last when does a pull back how much does a pull back yeah we're looking at a correction scott are we looking at and the economy summer talking about inflation right now it's funny because all the talking had scott every behind it's got a different spend on just trump rally on the dow hitting first nineteen you talk about maybe twenty thousand right you're right you you turn when all time record highs does that really affect the your as you set your average impressed or the listener to the show they may see a bump up in the for a one k possibly scott should they be should you expect to be doing good at record highs you should be doing record highs like i still everyone else like a screen last week if you're adult are you went all time highs in retirement condon a problem is ball very few people are an all time highs and why is that because there are any pike charge they are in a basket of stocks and they're in the at least or mentality but what we teach at the cat his how to press said and how to push it when you have a winner there's no problem pushing the winner and stay.