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Listen: "In Ohio, polls say the race between Donald Trump"

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J Pat Carter
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Dom thank you know out of the race for The White House you're on the valley's election headquarters today as the day that could be a pivotal for presidential hopefuls and for the Republicans all eyes on both Florida and Ohio here's Don champion millions of votes have already been cast here in the winner take all state of Florida were on the Republican side Donald Trump leads Marco Rubio to two one in pole it's one win Mike Klis building and for Rubios campaign having Alonzo narrow make sure not Wednesday's home and runs the billionaire candidate Closer to locking up the Republican nomination he won't clinch but Hill have a commanding lead in delegate and be in a commanding position to get the rest that he needs then in Ohio poll say the race between Donald Trump Donald Trump excuse me and John case sick remains too close to call and we invite you to stay with KMJ for all your election results are special coverage of Super Tuesday part to begins tonight at six PM right here on KMJ that's why we are your valleys election headquarters other news new things to put on your calendar The us Army Jazz ambassadors will traveling throughout the Golden State on the make a stop at Washington union tomorrow night.