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Listen: "He's having the best season of his career right now, he's the American League MVP"

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Mitchell Layton
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But I played here is one hit and they should've walked in the other time and first base mesh with a walk to the guys on first and second you can order said they did want to pitch to him Ortiz always a there's joked that Ortiz has gone on me I think the best hair of his career right Yes I mean legitimately having the best season of his career right now he's the American League MVP he's forty years old and he's going to be gone in five months that's going to happen he's going to walk away I think he's going to I've said If and to be getting he's gonna regret this I said it from the beginning he will regret it but you know dogs around the ballpark that laces he takes cities deftly got ago I talk to beat guys they think he's going to go they think he's ready to go I just can't imagine a guy go about this high alright let's discussed the pros and cons of that if it were your situation Gary if it were your situation Kirk if it were my situation would you want to do a Peyton Manning and go out on top and I know that would require right winning a World Series I suppose but just in terms of your own personal performance which is what baseball is all about these are all independent Contractors try to put up numbers in get another contract will that part of it is probably out for David LSU what's to come back with juego now saying listen I want to leave not look alike Willie Mays I wanna leave not looking like Joe Montana although he was a part of the game the city.