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Listen: "I think DeMarcus Ware gets put up there"

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Ezra Shaw
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Final our than after hours Navy Lawrence takes over two a.m. Eastern eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven at ten comment on Twitter CA Todd the story lines tonight where you must have before pay him Peyton Manning will be he obviously one of the biggest ones Wade Phillips gets put up there I think DeMarcus Ware gets put up there there's a lot of good storylines others I just saw a picture Joe showed me a picture Joe going on the microphone what's going on Kenny Joe just showed me a picture of Thomas Davis is on which literally looks like a football stitched up like that it is absolutely gruesome brutal I have no idea how this guy play football today I was telling you off the air I just the got a paper kind I want to go home I mean this guy battled through that unbelievable and I don't want to get into it I want to give respect words Do OK and I want to get respect a certain situations where it's do I know that that Roger Goodell had his press conference couple of days ago and he made the mention of yeah you can get hurt sitting on the couch and some people that like that if you wonder why they play a sometimes I think we need to pump the breaks on some some of what we feel of of concussions and about physical injuries when it comes to the NFL's if you love playing the game your you're really know what you're getting into you really do not guys don't signed up for seats the guys maybe not sign up for a lot of the other things that that that come with the NFL's gone broke being cut the way they get cut Holiday is a big-time meet market in the NFL's that's why always makes me laugh when we get so angry about guys holding out when they can get no cuts you're Sooners look at Sheahan though bosh on Lynch for the most part from what we can gather announced his retirement today for the quarter of the of the Super Bowl which is is about as more Sean Lynch is a gets are talking about come bay.