WWII Vet Describes The Graphic Realities Of War, Says It Was Either 'Kill Or Be Killed'

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I remember one time were called to fire and half, when we can't wait you have what they call an observer we had our lulls, and he was up a was layup from thought, this and no one can seem force Amick on Seaman he wins the future run off Kershaw was Simon ace meant authors so I don't know exactly what a wealth of the Engel numbers and thing on his number and he would call that there are range on the radio, telephone Communications, he was called back like A.G. life, one eight hundred higher explosive eighteen hundred freezer recall the sport of course he called lacked arranging A.J. fire one for small, ranger others and you five dropped a small, and then he would, you to go for the right or left and it's a off so many hands down some an ace and that's why, the determine your targets all last one time we drop one , it really is, Thomas hold it one right into a nice move Mark chart we can share, Hollis we knew there Germany, it was a Bowles laws and the results were deftly, all my drop, I hate to say this and I'm gonna say it on him, I was dropped to show him high draft on the ice and the first one one in their last, the Gennett called back and he said, the whole obviously was P. just fine, you'd it was headed repped regress he should fire threw more success in part to move put to Marshall's honor, and I was the one dropping man he said all like as he was guts fully Asian specious coming up, and last but, Boris fishtailed also or a story no getting around it, this Jeter or be killed one way or the other,