Listen: "The Lakers, for example, don't need to go through a rebuilding phase"

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Steve Dykes
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Coach is well too but just just a hard and to be able to make it stick and really Asian on Californians other stops when it comes or sports scene in any championships all the time The Lakers for example don't need to go through a rebuilding phase fans around Elijah sock in to be that patient enough for the loss of he's going to win right now which is why I've always wanted a flute was going to be that guy he coached team in very Beatty sadder team in Golden State you still can convince me that he's drawn up plays and Steph Curry like you know what looked as a hell of a player I think I like that let me run the what's a called the pick enroll come off the screen in fire three when I think of that thank you Luke he's going to connect with people in Elway and that's great you want somebody connect the wants won the when maybe comes in and does a bang up job but we got away in Seattle rosters shake out what happens is give acts imagine if you missed it Raptors ninety-five ninety wanted you know what I like this guy I like Kyle Lowry because Lowry's one of those guys that he doesn't run away pout Hyde when he's not you know doing well music like a man he'll get there before the game stay after the game working on things working on a shot approves the me that the guy care isn't a finally paid off on Saturday Anderson comes up to set the street Again Wait stays with Lowry stops on a dime Aldridge said Dorsett though Don't worry with ease it is very today the Blazers the Raptor lead the eighty ninety eighty six one three with thirty three this guy thirty-three points two rebounds and two assists for Kyle Lowry as the Raptors now have won back-to-back games a lead in that series as we have on the Raptors and he finally showed they can play Game in and it regulation a minute got some awesome games thus far we've had what back-to-back overtime games out of them and the Blazers won twenty to one oh eight sticking down to the Golden State Warriors Damian Lillard with forty points have Papi's my Blazers man to be able to see that now and other taken on a week in team but here's I got to say save it's alright shut your potholes with Steph Curry didn't play the only reason to go out there is because Chris Paul and Blake Griffin were out many give you three names East do on a Mckay Brandon Roy rookie of the year career ending injury thought about Greg Oden considered the biggest NBA bust ever couldn't get it together injured Sam bully Lewis leg why open so Portland seeing their share of misery I don't mind if the tables are finally turned on someone else eight five five.