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Listen: "You know when you look back at our year, we swept Seattle we beat Arizona on the road"

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Michael B. Thomas
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And I think we're all trying to build wonders we have a young nucleus you know when you look back her year was what Seattle with the Bears are on the road it's worth consistent enough the way we did not been a focus is all season of the fun to talk football again as we move forward but I think everybody an organization knows that this is a terrific opportunity to see a showcase in that zone was up to deliver are far I find one football will come and you think this impacts I think it about Vienna fell draft it coach will this because lose move del landing clearly you want to win while you're insight lowest it's not as if you didn't try but is you come to Alain you realize OK now there's there's maybe a shorter leash is your well aware the honeymoon may not last as long as you like his again an impact how you look to take the field here in twenty sixteen but I think there to differ was was a genius is the first is as an organization we have a fundamental believes in patients in building through the draft and corner team was the youngest team in the league so OPS four years not necessarily by design but that's the way it was that we have a great chance three picks in the top fifty this year in the draft believe the chance to continue building up with is the one thing you all services chances use you have to those allegedly different a Frazier for made sure that you're getting the best player I think if you're tremendous of this year would keep your own player which we're excited about it is great and I don't know that is really changes how aggressive nor is it does mean you're going to have to be accountable for fans to the way we were his is listed understand the spotlight's poised to be a little bit bigger and the passion for the Rams he's going to be so there's no one of their top about a disappointing so I think we have a tremendous coach Jeff Fisher as this one look at our team the tough years just haven't had a quarterback play consistently get us over the hump most of the team otherwise is something that happens all this offseason but when the first call that made up for the decision on to deny that called of Jeff Fisher head coach Leslie yards Emirates is does Reggie go run Los Angeles Rams as their here this morning that's what I'm playing also and they're ready to differ work starters that's also me I think you're in you in its it so cool that you're from L.A. you'd you get that it's it is about stars this town you don't win risky and the other we have that football twenty one years I think we still know the quarterbacks a star right you got to have the quarterback is like the thing in the NFL's that's the that's that's the one piece that seems to be missing you know the star powerless easy missing from you guys it does in and I'm not allowed to hamper were Josh Rosen that right he's not in Sunday's and that's services.