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The Ali Forney Center Provides Homeless LGBT Youth A Home

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Bruno Vincent Christopher Furlong Spencer Platt John Moore
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 when you think of how much you know one of the biggest group are the GRB team community you know will we New York City we're finding the their TV even sixty percent of the homeless Utahns truth sir, You be tea but certainly like when you look at a new economy nor community and especially a young people with very much dissents lifted they don't have the same access to their families love and support could have their sexual you do and you know just hundreds of thousands of the LGBT cancer women are put out into the streets. And so they print t-shirts have a building and you are interested in the building correct correct so here's what happened last Thursday got announced that the buildings being put up for option because of his on pay bills, and the media we neighborhood activists who have through the last couple of years have been protest thing against