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Listen: Dan Balz: "Donald Trump is unconventional and I don't know which way he's going to go"

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But I don't I I I don't know even Donald Trump is unconventional and so I don't know which way he's going to go I think you probably recognizes there things that he needs to reassured people on so perhaps there's a foreign policy piece that he does perhaps series agenda piece although you know I I I I'm not convinced that a gender they're coming to pick a woman gives him much when you know voters he's going to have to do that and so he's going to have to figure out ways two he improved his standing with women which you know which is very very bad right now and the end of the initial advertising a priority you want he's a Hall hats he's been women away from absolutely Dan Balls of The Washington Post phone at Penn balls on Twitter thank you always a pleasure Dan don't go anywhere America your phone call for next one eight hundred five two oh a one two three four the me about Donald Trump and the big news ended with right for the diversity or not one eight hundred five to all one two three four connection to the game Hewitt show it's a number nine action Pack information it's kind of mix it to go doesn't you Hewitt will be right back there were many you you know what Andrew Delray of Sierra Pacific you can put done Andrew smile impatient you hear what dot com.