Is The Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo Ready To Come Back? 

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Tom Pennington
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And get optimistic chances with i think the chances are you got to him on the field comes sunday afternoon my griner's again season sports medicine analyst for the sunday night football crew travel around the country for in be see staying with quarterback tony romo let's talk about him and dak prescott but about tony specifically the broken back all the injuries the long list of the past couple years is he healthy enough to come back and take his spot there with the cowboys yet this weekend no i think it's a question the going to answer down the road but i think there's a lot that have to take place yeah he's on the field he's doing some throwing but that that's the baby steps compared we needed need to do to get back on the field the play at a high level to do the things he needs to do so it's still early on as as dak is a planned is not a sense of urgency to get him on real quickly and i think that's openly going to help tony with his back beat because he had a bad fracture here the compression pressures we know the lumber spy which is the lower part of this fine it's a very serious injury indeed have a lot of injuries to that part of the back as well so i think at this point to try to get back into his conditioning getting back into a football position there's a lot of the things that he really had that they way from the work in the weight room and all the things well he had to heal for now to try to get him back up to speed in an openly jim is going to come down to the question is his willingness to get hit and the team's willingness to take the risk of him getting head so all indications are he will be coming back to some point but it's way too early to answer those kind of question to look at this point i think right now the try to get him back it up function in a high level to do his job in a very controlled setting which is not getting hit.