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What You Didn't Know About Caitlyn Jenner's Transition

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here is a really interesting story about killing Jenner , she was per participating I think of the makers conference new answers talking about how her transition was a long time coming and about how the first time she transition was in the eighties yeah she was on hormones she had boosted thirty-six bees going to love the White House she thought I've that this is fabulous my mission at the point was to transition before I was forty. Be thirty-nine I just can go any further few months later she met Chris gender they hit it off I was very honest with her you know had to so she had a Wow I had to be honest everything I have in the right direction made this decision kind of move on my life Chris night together and this family so he stopped she stop taking hormones she Not Ready For boots why in the we moved and during a twenty three years of marriage came into the Chris had are always of handling, at the time his behavior yeah she said the rules with person I was don't Jessup around the house if you really need to do that when you're on the road take stuff to do that so for years