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Listen: "The Wings now lead the New Jersey Devils by just four points in the chase for the final playoff spot in the East"

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A career-high fifty nine points he also pulled down a season-high twenty rebounds as the New Orleans Pelicans down the Pistons one eleven no one else would just today at The Palace costly loss with his The Beard out two and a half games behind both the Chicago Bulls and the Charlotte Hornets in the case for the final playoff spots in the end DA's Eastern Conference meanwhile the India granted the Pistons a twenty four hour extension on Sunday the goal for medical information on the back before the knot is not the units who was acquired on Thursday in a trade with the Houston Rockets team doctors don't clear Monte who missed the played the trade will be voided by the league the veteran forward has been limited to just playing in fourteen games so far this year because of an aching back injury which he sustained back in November Kevin Klein goal of the one fifty nine mark of overtime powers the New York Rangers one nothing victory over the Red Wings last night at Madison Square Garden also fourth in a row for the Wings the New Jersey Devils by just four points in the taste for the final playoff spot in the East played of noting in a job this morning is the San Jose Sharks than forward Raffi Torres appear future draft picks to the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for pair players but two thousand sixteen NASCAR season opens on a high note Denny Hamelin it just as Martin tricks junior by inches when the they total five hundred on Sunday that's the closest finish in the race is history after the win Hamelin smother posted on social media and essay better son wrote back in grade school where he said that he would win the Daytona five hundred when he grew up I totally forgot about it but she sure when a picture this weekend it's so I don't know just the things I talked about pinch eighties birthday and just eleven try is just everything just came together it's like you know story but you could written a better ending to our tour week Michigan loses for the fourth time in its last six games the Wolverines falling on the road the sixth-ranked sixth ranked Maryland eighty six eighty two mark develop twenty five points to lead Michigan softens the tactical office at the ticket up big desk I'm Tony Ortiz for more than ninety seven one the ticket <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> <silence> Bill ninety seven one the ticket fall son Facebook 'Stoney' and Bill us era morning's on Twitter at Stone will follow 'Stoney' Tony sixteen North Jae or two three.