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These Are The Pundits Who Said Trump Would Never Win The Nomination

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here's a headline, from walks yes come on Donald Trump will implode, here's why, that was from January eighth Twenty Sixteen, all five months ago seems like a lifetime, here's another one by Daniel middle bank from October of last year, Trump This is the headline, Trump will lose comma or R.A. will eat that this column, again I haven't I can Forte great here, had been him though back actually wrote on so certain complement when the nomination that out heat Miami words if he denies, literally to date comp clinches the nomination, I will keep the page on which this column as scripted in Sunday's post well Dana, I hope you like, so us with The Washington Post because we may encourage folks to take, take you up on that, nate coin wrote in The New York Times that Donald Trump's surgeon the polls has followed the classic pattern of that media driven surged now what will most likely found the classic pattern of the party back to decline now this column is interesting because it, I mean it it goes out and often repeated rope, which isn't the party decide to the now many not because of voters this is one of those things that that, political along and believe me I don't use a word and complementary way I can do a whole other monologue and at bat but that that political walks I'm sure them sound is that the Leetch are in control, everything now Ross due to the calmness for The New York Times from the entire commentary it is going to feel a little silly when Marco Rubio wins every, Republican primary, and he also wrote in February seventh of this year I don't know what's going to happen and neither do you But Donald Trump is still not going to be the good the nominee, good Night, that was a tweet, Fox again, Fox is supposedly had Dater driven journalism I guess that's how they've positioned themselves Dating journalists, Donald Trump is surging in the polls but this is a head light Donald Trump is surging in the polls period, here's why he won't win, Perry had meaning won't when the nomination sub had a truck will still lose period here's how excuse me on Saturday, sub heading, that is a separate piece third piece, not this one from C.N.B.C. comp won't win but yes he matters, slate Comeau Boehly pumped up fears why the Republican were party shouldn't worry about, all I could go on, and nauseum about this but have maybe I should go on and nausea about this , broker convention won't happen because Trump will win said Charles, trout hammer on an on a nine David Brooks and car, no come a downward Trump won't be in,