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Listen: "Coming up my buddy Joe Sheehan covers Major League Baseball for Sports Illustrated"

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Coming upper body Joe Sheehan covers Major League Baseball for sports always appreciated my friend buy Sell est or anything slot Joe always fun catching up on what's going on around Major League Baseball buddy Joe Sheehan villainous and now you can always Comments or give us questions on Twitter act going deep NBC hash tag get it done or send them via email to the Granger get it done email Inbox get it done that NBC Sports Radio dot com that's brought to you by Granger serving you with the products you need to help keep your facility running call to go stop by today Granger for the ones to get it dog it's pretty trains too long the Miami be need to play thirty games as a have to be Was it six weeks a long time that is a long-term honestly I did didn't know Spring Training was that long it's too long and they wonder well he's baseball players get these repetitive stress injuries but what a great shot fits they got out of Florida and data Arizona for six my sister maybe it's not like I'm eager guys trying to make rosters trying to his of those guys you have a likely established Major Leaguers a cycle or you go down there eichel we'd hang out the drew the around the losses I mean it's fun time because they're fun to Club well yeah we with a training camp it was not it's different was a different training camp in football is different than Spring Training in baseball why I mean seen the drills a run in baseball No its a joke their running drills light from one foul line to the next these guys are winded by that The Fielding drill though I got to take Batting practice kind of kills to take Batting practice everything we awesome you say that now and get paid thirty million much year and it or not kid doesn't come with all right but the alright of on a two more playing games all for now over the wall Marines moving on Walter Reed snags ability but not exhibited Sportsman.