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Listen: "So you think that people ought to be able to ignore parking tickets?"

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Twenty is the number let's talk to him and Walken good afternoon hi again yeah I have inside about the impact that This might have been the poor ET to maybe Mason Peyton parking are trying to other trying to earn their way out of twelfth rather general assist leaders the Hockey tickets may just increase in their parting tickets to look decided that may well million then what to do you think you go to Municipal Court and you say that to the judge and I do you are all that time in the world when you have a job in your kind of your ways so you know you think you think that people see just be able to ignore parking tickets ignore the notice is not the court and do whatever they want tell what I'm saying his he's gone take a person's cars or other ways that you can deal with how they did slightly higher collection agencies it doesn't work only how you do it Walt camp they Garnett's things that mean they can find that instead the term they can sign the people know they can't go we're talking yes you damn Ryan taken a car get the ball out that's not true if they here's the thing you get this is what frustrated media hits these apologists like you for bad behavior nobody is talking about taking somebody Score are the first or second time they get a ticket we're talking about people thirty forty fifty parking tickets who are ignoring it what did you know if you are a responsible person alright you get the Parkey pick if you've got a few you can't paid down you got a problem you go to Municipal Court you go in there you tell into the judge you work out a payment plan you do something but this idea that here I still have been it's not my responsibility on poor I'm just not going to do this I'm going to ignore it no I'm sorry at-bats that is not an excuse and if it isn't excuse well I mean we don't know the person striving the Lexus that has thirty one up on pay parking Tickets I'm not assuming that that person sport mate maybe they are but this idea that you don't have to be responsible Sorry I don't buy into it American Family Insurance we feel protecting you've achieve seeing it can fearless Mika laughter nutrients find out how we're helping others pursued their dreams and declare here and then dot com.