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Eric Metaxas On Obamacare

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Demonstrations welfare state doesn't work week nights at seven by everybody the free one may changes the definition of marriage for society the implications of which will be stunning to America and as I have written in the order colder this marks the formal ended up today are Christian America formal is not the and for those of us who hold on to to their first can go but it is the former way is the is announcement began with the Supreme Court decision was it nineteen sixty two on a mountain of women bombed a nomination will pre-school for one through the wait another position of approach quarterly radically secular values. There is absolutely no reason to hold to protect the life though the human she we have lost to protect towards large caps large that the human feed this is like he's a couple, for your show weeknights at seven and five nine the answer, twenty sixteen election coverage is now let's get started on this, that's right, that is a, well I think is the the dying, nice and love love and, sues and, and the folks it's here in Texas show we are talking a whole bunch of things but I don't want to forget I think if you listen in the last hour you heard this but it if I haven't mentioned in this hour yet this is the three o'clock Aaron east coast. I got an email this morning now making this up Chris sometimes you know not making this up go because you seem yes again enough to the website that says only been mentioned the name the woman gives her name you know like take he nineteen seventy four right and it says Dear Eric please take this seriously I can direct you to someone who can prove Scalia was murdered, making this confirmation just today to sixteen sixteen this person has I called credibility including is involved in a lower deck the uber case yes most people profile understands willing to speak with you by phone off their he insisted autopsy must be done is a people's that no fighting facilitate this for you i can guarantee you'll be disappointed now you understand I get emails from crazy people and I don't read those on the air because they're depressing and some of them are for me and seventeen percent but but this one even though you on the one hand you things crazy it doesn't sound as crazy is actual crazy emails it made me think like okay nothing would her it would heard us to conduct this from the see this case a talking phone says he's email them us the phone number of this mean she says can prove slowly was were now listen. We get series here for a second we're gonna talk to this person off the air and working report back on this tomorrow whatever happens whether it's a bust a or crank where we're pouring tomorrow but I just want to say that it's a chilling thing to get an email like that because if he is in any way real , you know we're we're talking about the something horrible were talking about something unbelievably important I mean this is the, a man who probably would have lived at least another ten years he's the sort of robust everybody says he was funny and fun and you know he was likely like a healthy seventy nine maybe we I maybe was not healthy but he was robust he lived large and you know in and. So we're going to follow up on that you were gonna call this person and we're going to we're going to tell you about tomorrow but I just taken hardly believe that Chris what are you thinking there no I mean you know we do get of miles from them people and you know where the with the to match or so you think you'd okay with this you found then yeah but yeah a response in incredible so we're going to the well we'll find out if if it's nonsense we're going to tell you it's nonsense but I do want to tell you that we are going to follow up on this and I swear I sound. Like I'm joking I'm not joking I mean the ad and the boys who cried why don't believe myself No I've I've got like difference much that this is just serious whatever it is I guess even talking about the possibility and let's forget about the email even talking about the possibility that somebody like that to be murdered even talking about the there's no autopsy think wait a minute you crazy isn't seen not to have a not top seems to me that important is important suppressing in a state and he's an eighty a few who you know as Ted Cruz and others have said that we could lose the second amendment rights we could lose Religious Freedom that that the Supreme Court unfortunately is extremely important to these kinds of rulings we so I just recently with gay marriage we sought with Obama care with Roberts conducting this sense to me like you know illegal. Kind of Gerry Mandarin around the you know around the actual thing misuse injuring and not anyway okay we have enough to that and there is there is there is a legitimate history of things that this happening throughout courses country's history in other countries in people so speculate about fences and of course can the and things like that so it's not, no really with all that you can anything is is a mass yeah and yeah so so anyway I have to say that we will follow up so so tomorrow at two o'clock Eastern time will bring you the news on what happens but I think you know we talked to this. Person who he is and what he has to say on to some things that were a little bit more fun to talk about like moving yeah I moved yesterday, I said well you know move in one day and in New York it's a different different be something people and so you're maybe don't understand sort of what yeah one well we figured with the sales of the on offer book and everything we wanted to find apartment we had her own bathroom because in New York we still have to yes to share bathroom with people and all and that's can really tough. And so we wanted to finding the bathroom Johnson with the bathroom we have t's daughters so finally he's the senate would get in their here you know you know so we moved and it was one of these things where the guys show this image of the nine in the shop at nine AM, and seem to be very very reputable company right and and I had this weird thing this doesn't happen the much me because of an hang out with can fish but it's like I felt the Lord communicate some teacher that the time I I think I'm communities differently with everyone in the key is learning how to hear. From God right because we know he's real I know he's realign he communicate with people and I know these Nikkei with me, only a few times in my life a by made sense of that yesterday had a thought just a thought it was like a dot thought it was just a thought that when all these movies show up, she does boldly ask them like you know they are you guys Christians going to church you know you've probably just you know be in their face in kind of a fun way like where we stand with Jesus or whatever just to be a jerk right. And of course I can do that right well today was in seen the guy who estimated the job over and the way underestimated along that would take so these guys working like dogs I've never seen people work this heart all day long, and at the and they can only deliver half of our stuff into our apartment because the apartment building shut down likely to pay extra you know bribe people to keep the elevator open the the maintenance elevator whatever and so at nine o'clock at night we were hoping that they would dig in the back of the second truck just to give us our mattress because we have no place to sleep last night literally right.