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Eric Metaxas On Marriage Equality

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But you've always been sensitive about, how to message things Wieters they say some pouring to make so what we are you now twenty-two now, so you know I I directed communications and think if life for several years, and I worked with a lot of different allies and I said, about, well I started realizing, to back up and really care about them in an eighty and purity impeding that's always been a passion of mine and when I ended up in the Pro life work, it was broken hand of those issues swayin when those things fall apart women are valued for their famine in eighty and when you know purity isn't value engine, on that end up with the epidemic of a portion that we've in outs against here in America, and added, but as I saw we were really winning, area a lot more Pelley fly surpassed in two thousand and two, and eleven then had been passed, in the ten years previous to that put together wow so and it's still Bane, you know we've really need a lot of headway over even this last night five or six years, but I realized you know if we win to life, issue, but we only use the family issue right have children being boring into into homes that are ready for them which is exactly what a lot of pro, no choice pro abortion people are saying until trailed we need to address that Ok so when we come back we're going to get into the ten immediately issue I'm talking Aaron. 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That wasn't you know the equal signed a lot of people felt like Beaker fine showed up on Facebook spontaneously and everybody just started sharing now that was a human rights campaign, , Knox said at them by the way they're human rights campaign itself the title human rights campaign offense is that they didn't just pop up somebody said how can we come up with wording that makes it impossible to disagree with some Osi sound like a big it more or we D. do you believe in marriage equality Reimer when I first heard that I thought you know, E.T., I viscerally respond very poorly when I feel like somebody is blowing smoking my face, so when somebody says mean, relieving marriage equality, I wanna tell him Blake blank you because you are offending maybe with the stupid cliche likely whatever real conversation about what you believe in happily I'll do that, and I respect your beliefs but when you, smack me in the face with a cliche that you designed to shut me up all offended, I'm offended, and that's what marriage equality is know there's a few against marriage equality your against the quality and, this is what messaging is all about and so to mind mind the question is how do we have messaging that opens things, up and then says to people you have permission to have a different point if you you have permission to seek the truth, you have a level playing field and we're not gonna say to you by the way. Shut up We don't wanna hear what you have to say but when I remember night sunny S. near you for marriage equality I thought, all so now is Mike chance to say oh of course, I'm for marriage equality because otherwise I would be on patriotic in big it'd so yeah you know and I think there's something there's something really violent bounce back out and yet as you said that their people that are very carefully crafting nice terms, two, influence the debate in their direction and so on the one hand we have to participate in that we have to think about this, but we hopefully we want to do it in a way that opens things up considered, things down, yeah you know, I mean for two hundred years it's been very easy to be Christian in America, right because Christian values in American bodies looked are very similar and well over the last couple of decades we're seeing more of the division, we never really thought about Messaging, well we thought was just kind of the goodness of cuts designed for marriage for the family for life and Parent tame, but we're at a place now, Ware and you know people have really strategically put long-term messaging plans in place, you can read out one, I like tap people Googled overhauling of straight America, which was then turned into a but called after the bar okay this is huge, the overhauling the straight America which was turn into a book called after the ball I've heard about this many maintains that never read it but it is an astounding things have thirty years old. Get twenty-nine years old was their regional article that overhauling of straight America which is thirteen pages so you know Google it and read it it's a quicker E.N. who was behind that so there were two same-sex activists, one, hunter Madson, and Marshall Kirk, I mean, and they won wise an expert in public relations and the otherwise an expert insight college cheat, and they came together and they wrote, they wrote this Buck and you'll see when you read that so the layout here's how we're going to come out on a sexuality in make it normalize in America, they say first for the coin to become visible in a way out how they're gonna do that on T.V. shows which we saw you know they said it doesn't matter what character we just have to shall app it doesn't matter for that, you know the bout of the joke we just need to become visible, then we need to make ourselves look like victims and they laid out the Bullying campaign, which we see now we know as the Bowling campaign they didn't use that Turner but they laid out here, how we're going to do this, and then the laid out, still, from visible to victims, and they were going to become normalize, and then we are going to become Heroes and then we are going to make those who poses look like there, and that's really where we stand that they actually have that laid out those five. I see that's astounding, and I'm and then and I always want to say this too because I have gate friends, I think that there's always, truth in in every lie right so even though missed offense up in a place but I don't think is good, there is true their another it's people who have had same-sex attraction have not being treated the way Jesus would treat them, in the culture, and so they have rightfully rebel against at another which you don't think that Jesus was in you know the cops that said this many times The cops at the stuff that stonewall right he needed beast por, man, just trying to live their lives there broken they're looking you know and and, and the cops back and then in the sixties had permission to think of them is just stupid Ferry's in fact gets in the net it was the hatred was totally, permitted a new says that had Jesus would treat those men, now it's not it's not so you have a situation where the world and the sin of this world use you see it, with but slavery with treatment, and African Americans you see it with the way women were treated that movements are rise which in many ways are legitimate but then the question is to those movements, move toward gospel centered love, four, does it simply become now we want the power and we're going to use the power to pledge in our enemy which it if that's the case then everybody loses so it's unlike after the ball you realize that there's something valuable. About seeing Gaze as people just like us like were all dealing with problems are what so so there's value in an otherwise wouldn't go anywhere, they have frame get in such a way that it now makes the people who opposed this you, the enemy, right and that means a lot, you know, and they layout in that villain portioned actually out the framework of the hate speech campaign, which is what we're what we're seeing carried out now so that it would be the No illegal for you wear for the church to say, I don't think that same-sex relationships this grabs that story is designed for individuals are society in for the good just so and I agree I mean, I have friends who are either in relationships at The Saints sacks and you know, I love them, I want to bask for them in and so, I won, I have to say, earlier, the way they have gone about strategically message, yes they knew that this wasn't really brilliant I've studied this and several other successful social social movements, , and it's really brilliant and I have gone two, all sorts organizations that you would know well, Hinch said, where is their long-term play in for what we would like to see twenty to thirty years from his there's no, now there's nothing there hasn't been in Toronto, I started working on my tell you star on the one that's why when we met, the connection I had with He was his causes I've never heard anyone talk about this and that this is been something that I've been thinking about Am talking about for a long time not that I I'm doing anything about it the way to you are but I realized I mean I realized I don't know twenty twenty-five years ago that this was the problem with Christians the questions are kind of marginalized. And that I intuitively without having read after the Brault realize that one thing that Christian season New is they need to be out and proud, like not sort of like, I wanna bother anybody unwritten an unearned you need to be out in practice what you're Selling as good, and people need to see you otherwise, they don't think that that's even an option, attempt to really believe in Jesus and really believing what you believe whatever the gets an even option so you're watching T.V., do you see Christians who believe these things to see people with conservative traditional values in Lille basically only is cartoon character setter mocked, and I was saying that this is not right we need to be at visible was part of this weather is I'm doing what I'm doing and it's going to be here just wanna be visible, so it, this is something that Christians haven't thought about him it's why we are where we are now not descriptions but conservatives and we've got a chaotic situation, well when we come back onto the lead turned burn back talk, it's my plan for the next couple segments, this is near the Texas shall, Aaron what is the website of people one of finding what you're doing his Ernie website yeah they can get Aaron Brown that dot com, Aaron Brown back dot com and we can even spill that we are, and Brown back, dot com fantastic we're gonna be right back. In the meantime money that Aaron Brown back dot com this is here to Texas so thanks for listening, , , more, in a few moments, a emphasize ninety, the answer, are you turn of top radio the way it always is the voices of people who thing Geno more than you do with a new voice enough the establishment Talk Station each of the past posted speak for you and with the real truth about what's going on, and how we can make it better when you find a from that place a place that changes the way top it's been for so many years against huge The Forest from the morning answer and Russian on ball to Michael Madrid from Lowry older and Jen and Dennis Prater we talked of foes and we want to be your choice this year and every year I am five ninety theater, I approve this message if you or someone you love is suffering from hearing loss Please stay tuned for a special for you offer from the makers of a revolutionary hearing breakthrough called listen player, listen clear is precisely designed by top audio engineers to fit the hear almost in visibly and it can be adjusted to find the perfect way to hear everything in every listening environment right now we're offering absolutely free in home trials to everyone who calls now one eight hundred seven six one eight for eight six calling the next ten minutes and you'll also receive.