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WWII Vet Describes How He Felt During Gory War Situations 

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Joe Raedle
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Toured two and in order to get into two or two which was hired and the tour one you have to climb up the latter to get up to inside deterred as he was reaching up into the latter to climb up some kind of frighten so hit the bar bit and hit him in the chest and tours um off so they put him on the beach and then when we had the campus out there were turkey arming sound he was insider one of those owning with all are blown on that gave yeah get in the door nail and you saw that you know joyner term i've assigned to mike that that was real bad except were no it's all good japanese dead body since up for what not so see it all of us as that's something that makes you angry are you just so i would you describe that the emotions that that stirred up in yeah how it affected me honestly i get it i guess sight i guess i was going to tear would tickled it a post from magic center you deal and like i got to where i just didn't give her rights but you know about and i just did want to talk or should be doing what about the the days and weeks that followed the attack or you guys doing well or whatever after can we were able to redo portis in the dry dark and the patched to hold in and now oh and then we went back to filet to and the dirk koetter machine guards often are put one point ones on and koetter millimetres arm do enough to take talked it's we were able to go out we stop control our our way took water can now sharp pacific we met up with the ship for these coast side to kosar trip to brazil we were escort night the long island as scored kerry wood reinforcements pleasure fournier played say for used for for the brains of water.