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Mike Gallagher On Gun Control

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Mike Gallagher
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Tilson volume their there was an accident it's been cleared out of the way but the slowing begins the Fairfax County Parkway, jammed up two ninety-five southbound from Eastern avenues for the eleven Street Bridge northbound away from the belt away headed up toward the Braves ninety-five northbound, that's those often on from about Wharton as you head up toward the belt way, also three ninety-five northbound heavy from Ansah road headed toward fourteen Street, it's local news every thirty minutes all day long ask operating on am twelve sixty the answer now, you're exclusive Accu Weather forecast an am twelve sixteen, the answer or today Sunshine mixing with clowns one more year middle late tape undetermined spots west of the district high eighty-eight, tonight partly cloudy with a shower thunderstorms possible mainly early low seventy-four, Mark partly sunny but he could be a fun its on a spot in the afternoon high eighty-five, and fiercely partly sunny ha the ended with a spotty Thunder storm in the afternoon, I Thursday in ninety-five, with your eye for the forecast I'm meteorologist telling a bronze honey I'm really worried about a retirement funds, for me to me was so much value in the recession in the Stock Market I'm where if we wanted enough to retire Jim next or Toman that he had set up a new kind of I.R. 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The sorrow the anger or that there's such a bad mood in the country right now, and U.C., the regime S. of the way, the media is short of lifting up in bracing, the Black Lives Matter movement in this country, my folded racism exists as we all should be but utterly ignoring, the vicious damage in destructive nature of many, of the people who are participating in these Black Lives Matter protesters twenty one police officers were hurt in Baton Rouge over the weekend twenty one officers injured, instead of that being the story, the the big, go to image is big goal late in the lowly address standing there surrounded by tops in what Geren riot gear, like the days you like the little girl putting the days Ian the rifle, in the Kent State Vietnam era, you wanna know why The cops are in right here gear and what protective, guard lunch, because there being attack, two, my decide the best way to represent, you wanna my colleague image of what you put my colleague image of a cop getting his head bash ten, with a yuck concrete block, how about that for an image, and yet the media just while this standoff they do all of this this conflict, they love the tearing down, police, , Manning women who, are putting their lives on the line, and show I've been so frustrated and and like I said it last night I was really down, and I got a phone call. , we've been, doing already, hard to try to help the families of the five slain Dallas officers, my Foundation the followed officer fund, provides financial assistance to the families of officers should be killed them a lot of duty that's the Mission and the mission is to get that financial assistance to the families as quickly as like yeah I got a call last night one oh one company, and Justin Texas did, one individual, representing a company, , put in an online donation last night of ten thousand dollars, it's going to go right to those families ten thousand dollars a single contribution, and I'm going to give the company, because I wish I got that lifting up but I was telling you I needed, our met go system, of Justin Texas, they build, the building save gold medal panel systems another architecture all elements for using commercial construction, and Bob West, said, when he talk to my Foundation director because we followed up his journey this represent your company is your are employees who want to, show support for these officers, ten thousand dollars and believe me many of you have contributed and know that we're going to be good storage of your money as we always are, the money we Rays goes to these five families in Dallas if you wanna make a donation go to Gallagher's Army dot org, Gallagher's Army dot org or you can call eight eight eight ninety-nine I give eight eight eight ninety-nine I give or Gallagher's R.B. dot org know how overwhelmed. Gratified and humbled and and blessed, I am two to play a little role in helping families who are grieving, who are in anguish and despair, over their loved ones, senseless was Slaughter, to Bayless yesterday in Michigan, where the gun control debate going to come from this case, an evil do were a bad guy being transported in a jail overpower sheriff's deputies shoots in kills to Bayless one was sixty one one with sixty-three years old they were both retired cops, they get murdered by this monster, to Bayless finally take him out he is there gun control debate there, he overpowered the sheriff's deputies and stole his gun, you want to have a gun control argument now come on gun control folks wears that argument, but debate gun control when somebody over powers a cop steals is gone and shoot kills too, Bayless, gun, this is a gun issue, New York Daily News gonna put a couple of what you do accomplished Jori about the Michigan shootings has stayed the tied the Cup should've been armed some of the cop should fall Predators guns stolen in them debuted overpowered by a buyout, criminal, and a killer, this is down the rabbit hole stuff and I keep Shane, there's a political solution to this, there is a solution it's gonna come in November, you've got to choice to make , later the sour that choice is going to be debated, waiters a friend of mine he's worked for George Bush. Work for go Ronald Reagan, he's an establishment Republican and I don't see that in a in a derogatory way but he is and he wrote or not bad piece in The New York Times Sunday that suggests but if you're eight Christian, reporting Donald Trump, you are terribly wrong, he wrote in upend piece shame that Donald Trump worldview is in compatible with Christianity and for a Christian leader, to support Donald Trump, well perhaps that leaders past moral proclamations were all for show and that power is the name of the game for people like Robert Jeffery, he says Pete Waner, he calls out pastor Jeffrey sh, cast your first Baptist Church in Dallas, well both Pete Waner and pastor Jeff first are both going to be on the show later the shower to debate, that very issue, it's going to be a good old-fashioned debate we're going to be respectful we're gonna make sure both sides got hurt but I want to here, I really do wanna hear Pete Waner explain the pastor Jeff first why he is failing as a Christian leader, for supporting Donald Trump, meanwhile in case you haven't noticed, Hillary Clintons lead over Donald Trump is evaporating, have you heard about the N.B.C. News serving well serve a monkey it weekly election tracking poll, oh there is their neck and neck, Gurley has narrowed to just story point This Week, after days of controversy, sure rounding but the F.B.I. Director is recommendation that no criminal charges be brought against her after the Black Lives Matter protesters that are happening all over the country out of this start difference all their neck and neck in the polls how about the other pull the came out. The Pew Research Center, Donald Trump is very better with Hispanic voters sh, then you don't get wrong me or John McCain Wow, so how about that, attention, no drop has a very good chance of winning the Spaniard becoming the next president the United States we have a chance in stopping Hillary Clinton, and yet there are people who are determined, to get Hillary Clinton elected, I did a Fox appearance last night with wanted to Crowley over Fox prisoners on the great Lou Dobs shell, and what Monaco my we're talking in the green ruin Monica should you know what I have lived last patience, with Republicans who are, eighteen Ana betting Hillary Clintons presidency, I'm with her, this is not a close call, and he Waner and pastor Robert Jeffery are going to debate the matter, at the bottom of the hour in the meantime, what's the spend a few minutes you and I talking about, the the insanity that were seen all over our country, and I want you to hear, a prominent Black planned it, suggesting that Black Americans, incapable of races, and this is a margin that I've heard before and I think you wanna hear it, perhaps it explains the media's, of Sheshan fashion nation, with people who are rioting and damage in an Vande allies in an injury and some would say killing, police officer, the guy who murder those five Dallas cops was bigs Ackley opposed to The Black Lives Matter movement now onesie. One eight hundred six five five Mike him before you get to angry with me what do you think the media would be Shane it better T. party rally somebody who supports reports the two party, picked off five contests, the Sasha needed to five or threw bottles of cocktails police officers what would American be Shane about the two party movement if that happened, one eight hundred six five five Mike eight hundred six five five hits four five three I hope you Joyner's, am, thus the identity thieves or even targeting shouldering you know kids are cautious about sharing their information over the internet social media and for the bad guys to get your child's name address Social Security number it could be disaster, identity theft is America's precious growing crime happens when thieves your Zhu purse one formation of returned there you they want to steal what you've worked so hard for can damage accredited reputation it could take years to undo the mass you got to have life luck in your corner I have such peace of mind him so so much confidence because I know that life Locke, is looking out for for my identity might be Social Security number my bank accounts wife Luck's Gansey hundreds of millions of transactions each and every second, they detector information being used in a word and if there's a problem a US based agent works to fix that no one can prevent all identity theft or monitor all transactions all business is but life luck is the best identity theft projection available memberships start at just nine ninety-nine a month plus up a couple taxes go to life Luck dot com or call eight hundred nine one eight nine four. 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Street in New York out there watch for delay, coming in with about waste was in the Springfield interchange for Gallo's road G.M. depth interlude from sixty-six of the Clare born Parkway and units running slow from Branch haven't in two of the withdrawn Wilson bridge. Accu Weather forecast partly sunny warm and more human would plate they thunderstorms and spots west of the district today I eighty-eight even thunderstorms them partly cloudy tonight was seventy-four cloudy and seventy-four now in Washington I'm Scott Brady with traffic and weather on am twelve sixty the answer it's been Kobe greatest Liberty arranged to wonder attended by Donald Trump speak for when Beck than the most, conservative minds today it's greeted best delight thirteen with the sixteenth at the planted Hollywood in last make this year come here Sen Rand Paul upper George Gilder judge Andrew Apollo title and more and don't miss your chance to win twenty-five thousand dollars in prize his organized by short takes Kevin hearing, register now freedom best dot com that's eight one hundred dollars by using the code Salem, at three best dot com, the families across begin yet used the news, with, I see way to be sure I'm even if things might be, even if helps us when compared to score Brianna, I is that he went hard after an easy just might be car, though, to find out if you club, for more information visit big via guy, or call eight eight eight nine four two three six six three furnish minded Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Association Of Broadcasters an association with the station, Mike Gallagher purchase the G.O.P. only to back Trump their feelings are hurt their third tired of B. along, and now they think they can be right by destroyed the Republican nominee for president. It's it's Ricketts I think the ball and again, now is the time for Republicans to act like Republicans and get the heck, for the my Gallagher, we gave it, right before Dennis procure, on am twelve sixty the answer, I am twelve Hicks T.V. cancer, if you should around in your Shea Y. is the media show enthusiastic over a movement that, a number of people, assaulting police officer, maybe marked Lamont Hill, the C.N.N. political commentator, and hoping to post guide can help you understand this, this is an argument and a position that I've heard expressed in the past if fashion H. me but I want to share with you, center but was matter movement is races is bizarre to me, not just because black people have the institutional power to be races urgent employee racism but into the move was called for justice for not did you know that common the person he's missed a Ha Ha that black people, you don't have the institutional power, required to deploy races, this guy literally shed on national television, black people incapable of races, listen again, but as matter movement is races is busy Sarthou me not just because of what people have the institutional power to be races urgent employee racism, but it was called for justice suffered the military is Ish is go for non violent now, I look at institutional power he sures they lack the institutional power and thinking about, the President of the United States to think he hasn't stood to show power. What about a Supreme Court Justice, what about all The Police cheap switching quoted and and featured prominently on from all over the country, she knows, top executives who are Black, multi million era, entertainer entertainers and stars of of of television in film, and what about you, refresher, well on Hill, you're not exactly making you know, fifteen dollars an hour, two two, express your opinions on G.M.S. or as a tenured, fashion, you lack the institutional, how work, should in there on national television day in and day out and in front of a clash of kids you don't have any institutional Powers Are You can't be racist, maybe I'm not qualified to say this was a white man but I reject that, hole heartedly reject that you want to talk bizarre what Mark Lowe mind Hill just said, that argument is preposterous, but let's see if you agree are not a hundred ships five five Michael Starwood Gennett and Gennett your first up welcome aboard, thank you, my eye, yet I, again edge first and the first time all Thank you and I started listening to actually when I had my battery change years ago and my battery, my radio what I'm working on my car, we are so does thanks to dead batteries that way I'm so grateful for dead batteries Gennett, I Heart Radio, that's ok. We're did any way he can here as we're glad youre listening what what do you make of where we are right now as a country June. I think it's a big match, I really go and you know we're only in surely, I really enjoy it, Eric, I listened the lift up a fully now, you hear different points but you know in terms of, which is saying about The Black Lives Matter I really close enough color, I don't really know I think, I mean you can't really categorize all people aware and for that but I think the main point, that they're trying made it is, that, I thought like that only Black Lives Matter inactive made Bob which may well you could we know we all that well at the Chris than we were all, Lives Matter in Gent sure we're fighting the clock but listen as regionally on he said, it's it's offensively even say one category of life matters more than anybody to life is life but even say that becomes, Schaab Jack did to attack and scorn and derision maybe from people like Marc Mark Lamont Hill, you don't think Black's are capable of racism, because they lack the institutional power required to be racist, big debate coming up between Robert jumpers pastor jumpers and Pete Waner you don't want to miss that, that's next year on the my Gallagher show, this is, sixteen cancer, , officially Angels is America's choice in Senior home care that's a very simple, easy to understand, point of view Y. visiting Angels, has five hundred franchise locations or more around the country these are experience compassionate caregivers if you have a loved one who's a senior who wants extra care and assistance but they wanna stand their own comparable surroundings they know their home they want to stay home well that's a visiting Angels are all about. Employment Opportunities in care given are also available services revisited Angels include bathing dressing Aaron's White House keeping the preparation and more anywhere from a few hours a day but the twenty-four hours a day seven days a week call today and learn more eight seven seven three seven four live eight seven seven three seven four Allied ve or online visiting, is dot com visiting the Angels dot com visiting the Angels America's choice finishing your home care, white doubted State dot com catches the ball photograph of conservative, staying true to core principles managing editor Leon won't with the Mets take contributors bring America to stories the challenge the established attended the state educates motivate and activates passing the Conservatives that brought the Gentry by arming than the information in tools them in Bullying Peyton haul, led by both collected officials and concerns that the Fins Ally which they dot com is the play, learn more at read State dot com that State dot com, Dennis, looks to other Muslims to stop Islamic care, coach until Bailey, you know what these Monsters, and that the reason award can iced his former which form, why don't they get a million people with their moms say you think you get rewarded with serve in the conversion as well, will goal streak to help because you have to be, he was one of the tennis Prater, we didn't, but before Sean had any a three and am twelve sixty, the answer. we this early, sign Linda Kenyon in Washington President Obama travels to Dallas today to help bring comfort would devastate community, following last week shooting attack on police officers the killed five and wounded night, to see billions also were hurt, Bernie Sanders this about to promptly endorse Democratic rival Hillary Clinton the two will appear today at an event in New Hampshire where Sanders beat Clinton in a twenty-two point landslide in that States presidential Prague there a, Sanders endorsement comes after weeks of negotiations, firefighters in Southern Italy stay at least twenty people have been killed would to trains collided head on and pull yeah, news reports say rescue workers are pulling victims of not rumble, at least twelve people were killed today when a car Bhambri through an outdoor market in a she I dominated District of bad debt, officials say another thirty-seven people are won't get, Isis is suspected this is S.R.I. News, sixteen, he turned seventy-six degrees in cloudy at nine thirty one good morning I'm Scott Brady officials are confirming that at least two people in Montgomery County died while the nine one one system went down for two hours, thirty San ninety one year old woman from only unit forty year old man from walk filled died early yesterday, a family of Marlins some might rebounds saving attempted to call nine one one several times where is how started family that nothing happened, he died in our later investigators believe the nine one one computer system shutdown today over heating officials say they are taking steps to prevent the incident from happening in three men into women are under arrest for shooting at police officers in southeast C.C. Authority said they were tipped off to a shooting thanks to a shot spot or any area of Alabama Avenue and six tree last night. Beginning senior pastor of the first Baptist Church in Dallas pastor Jefferies welcome back to the show thank my good to be with an show grateful to both the viewed because of speaks so well a view that you're willing to to come on and discuss this very what what I consider to be very provide could've piece front for Pete let's start pastor jumpers with pizza words in and another someone to give both, overview, ample time to to explain your position, pastor Pete writes that your embrace of Donald Trump and all of us, who are Christians who in our supporting Trump or president that's problematic to him because he says Trump him bodies are worldview that is in compatible with Christianity peeps says if you're Trayce Thompson worldview to its short, Christ would not be anywhere in the vicinity, now pastor Jefferies how it if that's true had as a guy like you, with the The bonafide is that you have including the the the work that you been honored four for your you're diligence as a Christian leader how is that compatible with your support for Donald Trump, well Luck I think kaep defeat of all people would know this back in nineteen eighty when our country which coming apart The Saints Christian headed toward a twenty-three candidates candidate one with the Bourne again back to Sunday school teacher who had been take pulling married to one one when his name which Jimmy Carter the other towards which took twice. Arrieta Hollywood actor who would Governor California son the most liberal abortion Bill in California history and whose wife practice to straw lucky it name was Ronald Reagan, got to the eventual goal one four, not because rake in which the most religious candidate but because he had the leadership, Football League was necessary to turn the kids country around, and lookout Mike right now it down to a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and if beta criteria produced the most cry supplied Kerr who has the greatest characters really a legitimate litmus test if anybody really going to try to make the case that Hillary Clinton has more character than Donald crap, I think what it comes down to is the policies they, embrace and I believe Donald Trump embrace could acrylic and principles more than Hillary Clinton I mean Donald Trump is pro alike Hillary Clinton is pro abortion, Donald Trump a legion religious Liberty Hillary Clinton said per women to have unfettered access to abortion quote we might change that deeply teetered religious beliefs, some people Donald Trump or point conservative Supreme Court Justice he's given us a lift that he's going to pick form, Don't worry Klein low point most liberal judges we can imagine and I believe that's what we have to look at the policies they embrace I read Beat column you know when he's going to call out people, thank you, who he says, being an inconsistent who were are Green for Great moral when Christian leaders in the past but have thrown that to the win. I would say response to that in two thousand twelve even though Elias post net rounding into prot in the primary twenty came to the General Election I said we ought to vote for a warm and somebody who doesn't embraced his sport Christianity like that rom needs over profession Christian like Barack Obama simply because net Romney embrace, more Christian principles than Barack Obama, A.P., it went consistent these sounds like a pretty solid argument to support Donald Trump when you said , yeah when the try and trying to tangle that just to clarify in terms of what the passers position was in twenty twelve, it started that was actually of The Q. noche primary that the read into the post Romney and to support, Governor Perry was exactly on who was the more you that jello Christian that was on base, one, so, at that time and if that if that applied this time around certainly Donald Trump would not longtime ground but, that's or Jeffress was, Purpur come, bench Lee from the beginning, it wasn't easy have to supporter I didn't argue in my column I don't he may have read it I don't think erratic that Karabell isn't arguing that, as that Republicans, she told for the most Christ like, person, for the person the eventual Christian what my argument less, is it the world to use that knowledge confident body that's what I'm getting after it and I are used to meet him around. It's a new chin after, but the German not, a lot different and the Chip, from from The from the nineteenth century, and, that was indifference to objective truth that was a repeat Asian for that, Christian concern for the sport the weakest Stanford powerless, but give it to be strong, his go to the week is bad, and my argument is that if you look at Donald Trump what he said what he's done, he's lived in July, that World he's that he thought he said, very quickly problematic, now I believe that there's a tight, and I understand the argument that people may, that they have to be in good conscience both work, travel for, Hillary Clinton I disagree with that but I understand it are people like different Prater, who were critical of tough during the primary, and I think I'm very good granted it at the end of the day this is a Fighter, like I promise after Jeffress, you know enthusiastically he was up four per come during the primary Twitter, so many other candidates, it's not conservative policy that were so that lead to theory, Policy selves, number, Mr Trump has been all over the map there is no way to identify what his policies are going to be even on the issue that judges, he's writes that the relese through eleven judges not a full month quite confident he could you couldn't area, but he also said that, fister was a left wing pro choice woman would be a phenomenal Supreme Court. Just as it is a man who has no understanding not only of, conservative traditional philosophy, you don't even know that basics, open, but there was no less that the Let's go back P.T. your point to pastor Jeff ers that that you're you're criticism that pastor you shouldn't have been supportive of trying to bring the primary process that now seems to be a problem for Pete on this short when the site to think about what he does said, first of all I didn't these asked police support him from the beginning, because I believe and he was the only one who was delectable and could beat Hillary Clinton and I think we talk about, like in the candidate I do think elect ability is one thing but you have to take in mind, and I think our country has moved so far to the left the thumb by like Ted Cruz to body weight of print of mine who has spoken much turkey, I just didn't think Ted Cruz was elected ball so I think that other reason I supported him but it for his worldview crunch were few you know I wouldn't debating and eventual corporate that's run in yarder in the professional said, Don't you want candidate, and when body that eighteen of Jesus and what govern the country according but principles found in the German on the Melk I said that no I would learn from that candid as far as possible because the Berman on the mound which not given that the governing principal for the nation known Porter if government told yelled. Those who wrong that no word government commanded the turn of the other cheek government is to be a strong man to protect at Citizens against equal do this, it's not like I'm looking for somebody who's going to deal with Isis and experiment eight Isis I don't care about that, candidate, owner vocabulary I want them Manus tapas on a but you know what I can Fox takes and I believe that biblical, these I want to try to stay focused on his the deal logical aspect of this news that's what you raised in your Collin but you mentioned the bye Neri aspect of this election you know it's it's it's as if the This by Neri Troy chalk this by Neri component is incidental isn't the fact that this is a choice of two people really The, only Frank in the selection, no I think that is that is how that allow I'll get to that it is to not let me say out on this, assertion to beat actual valid, Don't count insist on ice ended, then he repeatedly throughout the campaign that I was not apply it let Ratliff Russia tied up, so that was my point that comes does everything on every inning and there's no way too, I make the claim that it should be a solid on a we don't know that he's going to be tough on ice it is, he hasn't shown any evidence of added weight output he's going to do has no plans. I do think that that side, he is, is the relevant issues here in I.N.C. nations, the reason that accompanies disqualified, to do with his temper about his judgement I just think you dump it, I think he's a Radek on staple at you don't principle to upset the fiftieth, stick, I think the personality to have a lot to like this, sure by default they your supporting Hillary Clinton is unlike one Republican known, that's not the default position something just acknowledged it was a bye Neri Joyce, I did it but but in a bye territory he can play or not gonna vote for either want I think like you with him and I'm guessing for the most part of times and I don't has, a much different at all, on Hillary Clinton on I wouldn't, posted by entire public life on the conservative in liberal, he's got a Liberal imparted it, having increasingly but left I think epochal or act, I think, it always hitter deeply problematic, I think that will choice and I don't think that your you you have to vote for work, but I don't want and that's right now that's blankly, I think it's just the clear what I'm saying in terms of Donald Trump, it there, World Series , they did it and criterion which judge, I do think that year's disqualified, I worked, closely with one president of work in three administrations ever in a lot of it straight in the nation the most important thing for a President isn't where he checked with Laker Pau. Apology matters to you know it's been benched in my life, but it is ready to temper that didn't position right where we just end, and it's it's as a person have that, I think if you look at Tom, from what, that from his from his decline didn't rule it grew to contact looked like something staggering ignorance, I think that he is disqualified and beyond that he is going to redefine the Republican Party is in the process of doing that, I got a break you're, he just well that's because Pence drug out to get you to respond to what peeves suggests because you know you're both smart guys maybe I'm not a smart is either one of you but if Trump losers Hillary wins and and the Heat seems to suggest something else, I thought that you have to go out and and Luck Ai giving the first of all says he objects to trot because of his worldview and that he embraces a strong man mentality, but then he says he's not sure he's going to be strong enough against I.Q. really can't have it both ways, I believe at it, let how you, let me let me tenets I I think that thirty nothing wrong with having a strong band mentality when it comes to protecting this nation, Paul trade him first in that the two Pray for all governing authorities that we might lead to crank will inquire life and I'll get a gobbling this indignity look at what he was saying which predict governmental protect us and leave it alone. Practice our fate and I'm gonna say this If you do not both for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and stayed home that is by default Voting for Hillary Clinton allowing her to become president and the future of our nation, two important for Christian disappeared at home just because they didn't get their way and their candid that wasn't select said, yes it is, somebody who's going to protect its ninety and what you layout P. when you say you don't have to choose either one what would your plan B.B., perhaps accuse they can either dogs older they can ride in a candidate are they can vote, we're third, , Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, so I think it's going to be one of those two when people lasting good conscience make their Torres and by the way I think that people weren't good conscience Cammi if you just did the decision you're not making that shorts, well because I think in mind permission they're both they're both qualified, for different reasons who would be the next president United States B., if I don't well to that, probably not gonna matter, but, if you don't split, a look at what election, let's just eight limits, I want you can pick up where we left off there and again I've very important part about with the Ahl edgy of all there's no want to include this with both of you we got a good debate going here but repeat Waner poster Robert Jeffery speed rights. With that, of all the descriptions we've heard about Donald Trump, the one that pastor Dobson made the Trump appears to be tendered a things of the spirit, is maybe the most far circle will get pizza follow-up impassioned Robert jumpers response as we continue this very special edition the might Gallagher, winning the answer, , if you're shop for from the back pain and may need do they can mesh with your life whatever you move to feel the paint now Australian dream makers of the trust of arthritis pain relief cream has a new formula to ease back pain Australian dream back pain cream it's real medicine and it can effectively relievers simple back a but maybe more expensive than, other Crane's but it's what you're turned to what you go to when everything else let should down Australian dream is real relief without the older or burning of other top of the pain products are to Rich more Streisand Korean which I love absorbs easily isn't greasy I'm like other products Australian dream is backed by the career forget Duje are guaranteed tried if you're not completely shot, spied you can return the empty jar and get a full refund but if you're like me you're not gonna be returning a because you're gonna love, Australian dream back pain creamed a real relief you've been waiting for if you're in pain just Poland will Walgreens or C.B.S. and get Australian dream back pain cream in the purple in white box in the paint really File. Download, you know, just on the road to thirty-six eastbound your Wakefield Chappell Road accident Tierney and Adele's got the left lane jammed up from picket road route one southbound between three ninety-five the twentieth and twentieth streets South two lanes are Blocker to left things with an accident there Pentagon city, two ninety-five southbound jammed up from Eastern Avenue defensive end Avenue northbound Relations for drove Roxanne freak for the Naval research glad to win Parkway inbound lays after stand road toward South capital Street jammed them sixty-six eastbound from believe road to the street, last found elation Fairfax trying to sycamore Street heavy on the into the belt away from sixty-six to the clear Barton Parkway however the Papi for New Hampshire traveling to George Avenue out of it slows often on from there tomorrow blowout road headed over to Atlanta rode, Accu Weather forecast partly sunny warm and more humid with ninety-eight thunderstorms and spots west of the district I eighty-eight, evening thunderstorms that partly cloudy tonight low seventy-four tomorrow partly sunny with afternoon thunderstorms getting into about eighty-five, right now it's cloudy and seventy-five in Washington I'm Scott Brady with traffic and weather on am twelve sixty the answer, it is, morning's Sean managing job, day Three, you know the Open era for now the sabotage the person that got the most votes in a primary I'm sick and tired of it and it's got to stop or maybe it's time to get a new speaker he doesn't want to get onboard if he doesn't want to support the candidate if they want to involve themselves and I'm at what David par Woods wrote today out a murderer. Suicide packed or circular fiery squad is I usually were further with that maybe it's time for new leadership and congress go do something else because the American people need a wall for our security we need to listen to our security act spurts with all due respect Paul Ryan I trust games Clapper James call me Brennan, Michael Stein back, Jon Allen and Mike Mccollum on this topic more than I trust you, is showing Sean later today right here on The Sean Kennedy, , alright this is a thirty second commercial and I'm going to throw a lot and numbers that you but Please stay with me and just fifteen minutes you can save fifteen percent or more on your car insurance and this companies but offering great rates in great service per over seventy five years and anytime you need help you can speak to one of the train specialist twenty-four seven the company is, guy gulp this go to guy co dot com today and say fifteen percent or more on car insurance sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time if you want to work until you drop reduce your standard of living in retirement or lose more of your hard-earned money in the Stock Market than just ignore me but if you'd like to generate a steady predictable income I'm talking real, wealth and financial security for as long as you live in listened of this a free report is now available to reveals a moneymaking secrets Wall Street in the banks don't want you to know didn't reveal so you can get guaranteed growth safety and wealth building power with how risking your money in the Wall Street casino to get your free special report visit bank on yourself dot com that to bank on yourself dot com. It's been told The Raiders Flipper tear in Show on our attended by Donald Trump speak for its lead back in the most brilliant conservative minds today it's Brigham best delight thirteen with the sixteenth at the planted Hollywood in last make this year come here Sen Rand Paul upper George Gilder judge Andrew apology on all and more and don't miss your chance to win twenty-five thousand dollars in prize, denies Beiser takes given her register now we do best dot com and saved one hundred dollars by using the code say all kinds that we can best dot com, this is the might go, , number, a first Raptors, Pete Waner, deputy is just into President George W. Bush Pete argues that supporting Trump feel logically is problematic Pete, you know you side pastor jumpers as an influential pastor certainly is he was once honored with the Daniel award, for a steadfast commitment in boldness in proclaiming the on compromising word of God has a different go Pete on a personal level to short of challenge a man like pastor Robert Jefferson, no no look I think is wrong the things I'm wrong that's perfectly legitimate understand that you know it's a good conscience and make all sorts of, at different locations vacant side of both rebound Crawford off they can support the killer Clint Hurdle, I don't think the one , pace and is if dictated by but he takes years ago, we're up for postage average do you do you take it personally or do you take offense at a peep suggestion that. That you're Europe support of trump is in compatible within a worldview of Christianity, no I think athletes and see or I just think you sincerely wrong on this came out and Luck it's very clear to many when you've got a choice but point up pro life candidate and a pro abortion a pro religious Liberty in anti religious Liberty I think anybody who pitched at home and does not both any crashed into does that his per ever forfeited his ride, to speak out about that I could be apply for religious freedom and look I understand what's Peters Dane maybe he doubts that Donald Trump is going to keep his promise is built points those judges from the list he said maybe he won't keep it promises, I can guarantee you Hillary Clinton is gonna keep her promise, Murray, Heard of per Christian devote hard to refused that isn't it Pete in terms of Hillary's, you know dedication to a Liberal ideology an agenda with the Supreme Court, I feel I think that that that's the strongest argument that's why I understand Lessard people like get into breaker was a critical can often and it you what others who play that they would go to form because, it's very problematic I think it's a fun, schedule judgment but again just to go back to do what I think is, threshold issue, I want to come back to something very quick and you know it was two years This Week. But that that this season with temper that judge, you know, culture president, think because we give in terms of that judgment, I think events that I temper temperamental you think Hillary is more fit, I do i do and I think that's a very low hard, you want to get back to The Warriors will likely the Bulls, do i want your both promised me something because we could do in our on this and I want to its that important, and I'm unfortunate with both of you know the This heartbreak were were out of time but I want to get you both back because it's a fascinating conversation between Tester Robert Jefferson and Pete Waner thank you both very much for joining us here on the might Gallagher show because this is we we are gonna do this again and maybe an hour in studio because we could easily filled the time coming up, read a Lynch justifies in five congress, how will go live there and more coming up, the answer, if your shifty all over I want you to join the fastest growing fifty plus organization in the country it's called a match the Association of mature American citizens what makes him so special first of all they reflect our values they do not support Obama, I'm a care they do fight for individual Liberty fiscal sanity keeping eluded Ana never growing Federal Government and so much more a back flights for conservative values you'll also receive exceptional money saving benefits and discounts when you belong to a Mack like I do play group rates on Auto Insurance a low-cost roadside Assistance Program travel discounts access to.